'Edge of the Plank' is a blog dedicated to sharing artistic content in areas of art, film, fashion, photography, movies with a mission to inspire viewers.

All the content posted on 'Edge of the Plank' is property of the content owner and used solely for illustrative purposes. They have been used to describe what I write about more effectively and to showcase sources of inspiration.

Images owned by copyright have been published at a resolution that maximises viewing and performance and is at a lower resolution than the original image, with the assumption that this satisfies the fair use policy. If any images used belong to you by copyright, please contact me via EMAIL for ways of crediting your work or removing it permanently.

Update 2012: I am aware of the importance of copyright material and strive to become more responsible as a site in this area. It is my aim of updating my site by creditting photos with the sources and updating/removing those that do not. Please bear with me. Thank You.


  1. Dear sir/miss
    I have a picture that I wish to put in my work for school that is on your website because it’s a part of my gcse . it would be a great deal of help if you would let me use a picture of this animal this is because , I need to use copy right
    From Giuseppe sorrentino

    1. I do not own the rights to the animal pictures. The rights of those images belong to the photographer.


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