Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Avril Lavigne 'Head Above Water' Album Review

Almost 6 years after her last self titled album, Avril Lavigne is back with her new record 'Head Above Water'. Having been out of the spotlight due to her struggle with lyme disease, Lavigne writes what she claims to be one of her most heartfelt records to date with new label BMG.

'Head Above Water' the title track, and the first song on the record, and the lead single, set expectations high for the record, with soaring vocals and emotional lyrics. Was this the "grown up" record many were expecting would be the natural progression for the now 34 year old?

Having listened to the record for a few days, 'Head Above Water' is a strong return for Lavigne. Performing the single on numerous talk shows in the past week, Lavigne proves that her vocals are better and more confident than ever. However, the rest of the album itself is slightly inconsistent and divisive.

Tracks "Birdie", "I Fell in love with the devil", "It Was in Me" and "Warrior" are raw, emotional and really shows off Lavigne's vocals,  the types of songs I expected of the whole album. These are naturally my favourites.

The other half of the album are a mishmash of other songs/genres such as "Dumb Blonde" (the conclusion to the Girlfriend, Hello Kitty trilogy perhaps), "Souvenir" (upbeat song with production a la Taylor Swift), "Bigger Wow" (summer anthem), and "Goddess"- where she dared to rhyme bananas with pyjamas. Unfortunately, some of these tracks feel out of place and detract from the overall theme of strength and hope- more suited to a B side or deluxe edition.


1. Head Above Water 5/5
2. Birdie 4/5
3. I Fell in love with the Devil 4/5
4. Tell Me It's Over 3/5
5. Dumb Blonde ft. Nicki Minaj 3/5
6. It Was In Me 4/5
7. Souvenir 4/5
8. Crush 4/5
9. Goddess 3/5
10. Bigger Wow 3/5
11. Love Me Insane 4/5
12. Warrior 5/5


'Head Above Water' gives the audience a long awaited glimpse of what Lavigne is capable of- mature, heartfelt, emotionally songs with her distinct vocal ability. I just wished there were more of these tracks to give the album more consistency.

Having said that, the album has topped the iTunes world album chart and could perhaps be her most successful album since 'The Best Damn Thing'. Let's hope we won't have to wait another six years to hear more of this side of Lavigne. 

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