Thursday, 28 December 2017

'Pitch Perfect 3' Film Review

Last Call Pitches reads the tagline of 'Pitch Perfect 3', Universal's sequel to the smash hit 'Pitch' franchise, which tells the story of the Barden Bellas' life after college.

With each Bella coincidentally having deadend jobs, they somehow find themselves, the time and the money to end up performing at the USO tour supporting troops across Europe. What's more, they are somehow competing against other groups to open for DJ Khalid (what?). The plot for the 'final' Pitch Perfect is utter madness, and add to that a subplot about Fat Amy's criminal father... they even managed to throw in an explosion. 

What worked so well with the first two movies was the simplicity of the plot, allowing the film to focus on character dynamics and the music. In Pitch 3, the music has to take center stage and whilst has a few well thought out tracks (Toxic on the boat was pretty darn good), has nothing on the originality of 'Cups' or climax of 'Flashlight'. 

Anna Kendrick- Beca
Rebel Wilson- Fat Amy

Brittany Snow- Chloe
Anna Camp- Aubrey

Hailee Steinfeld- Emily

Also stars Elizabeth Banks, John Lithgow, Ruby Rose and DJ Khalid.

Half the cast looked bored during the movie, especially Anna Kendrick, whose in-real-life chirpy self seemed forced, and is constantly seen pulling Kendrick faces, but shines in the musical performances.

Rebel Wilson is given 90% of the comedy in the film, and manages to pull it off, with the rest of the cast mostly sidelined, especially Hailee Steinfeld, whose personal musical career is really taking off- but at least was given a solo.

[and was it in the film's contract to mention DJ Khalid's name 100000 times?]

~~~OVERALL 6/10~~~
'Pitch Perfect 3' haphazardly thrusts the Barden Bellas together to perform together again and thrusts in a series of random subplots that almost makes the film a parody of itself. If only it went so far as to be self referential and be a bit more clever about it, it really could have worked. Add to it a bored looking cast and semi-decent music and we've ended up with a dried up cash cow. 

90 minutes of escapism. GO.

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