Friday, 10 November 2017

Taylor Swift 'Reputation' Album Review

It's been three years since Taylor Swift's record breaking pop album '1989', and since her two years on tour, a lot has happened to her reputation, in which her sixth album is titled, including high profile relationships, celebrity feuds and ongoing controversy with Kimye.

Having kept a low profile for the past year, Swift re-emerged late Summer by purging all her social media and preparing the release of album 6. With no deluxe edition, Swift claims all fifteen songs had to be included:

1. Ready For It? 4/5
2. End Game 2/5
3. I Did Something Bad 5/5
4. Don't Blame Me 5/5
5. Delicate 4/5
6. Look What You Made Me Do 4/5
7. So It Goes... 4/5
8. Gorgeous 4/5
9. Getaway Car 5/5
10. King of my Heart 3/5
11. Dancing With Our Hands Tied 4/5
12. Dress 4/5
13. This is Why We Can't have Nice Things 4/5
14. Call It What You Want 4/5
15. New Year's Day 5/5

SONGS TO LOVE: I Did Something Bad, Don't Blame Me, Getaway Car

Divisive lead single 'Look What You Made Me Do' may be musically flawed, but the sharp lyrics reveal Swift's response to recent criticism and produced one of her most iconic music videos [WATCH LWYMMD MUSIC VIDEO HERE].

Promo singles 'Ready for It', 'Gorgeous' and 'Call It What You Want' are all more radio friendly tracks, restoring a softer side to Swift, revealing details on her relationship with British actor Joe Aldwyn.

But the real strength of the album lies with tracks 'I Did Something Bad', 'Don't Blame Me' and 'Get Away Car', though uber-over-produced, were clearly written from a perspective in which she isn't the image of perfection the media [and her branding team?] has made her out to be thus far, and documents a different side to Swift.

Whilst some may sideline this album as just another typical 'good girl gone bad' era, it is these more biting tracks that make this not just another chart topping Taylor Swift pop album, but yet another opportunity Taylor Swift has taken to reinvent herself and her sound. 

The only ballad on the album, 'New Year's Day' cleverly reminds us of a Swift we once remembered, stripped back production and with a focus on her vocals. Could this be a precursor to where her sound may go next? I certainly hope so!

If you think all Taylor Swift songs sound the same... perhaps Reputation will change your mind?

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