Thursday, 6 July 2017

'Spider Man: Homecoming' Film Review

It was a rare cinematic moment when the collaboration between Marvel Studios and Sony meant that we could see the friendly neighbourhood hero Spider Man debut in the MCU in Captain America Civil War, with Tom Holland, playing an even younger version than we've seen before. 

Continuing such collaboration in Marvel's Phase 3, Spider Man Homecoming is yet another retelling or reboot of the Spider Man story in what could be another attempt at a trilogy with Holland in the lead. With the reputation of Marvel backing these new Spidey films, success would seem inevitable, but I still felt something was missing from the film.

Returning home from the events of Civil War, Peter Parker (Holland) is thrilled to have been a part of the Avengers, and under the mentorship of Tony (Downey Jr) and Happy (Favreau), expects to be part of more missions soon. But when he is told to keep a low profile, Parker is determined to prove himself by investigating a mysterious group crafting and selling alien weapons.


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