Friday, 9 September 2016

Bastille 'Wild World' Album (Complete Edition) Review

Three years after their chart topping album 'Bad Blood', Bastille releases their sophomore LP, titled 'Wild World'. Veering away from mythological references, 'Wild World' instead turns to vintage film, popular culture and a contemporary world view. 

Featuring film quotes littered throughout the album, Bastille, for the first time, introduce guitars, and bring back a signature hook and pumping chorus in almost every track.

The complete edition features 19 tracks:

1. Good Grief 4/5
2. The Currents 4/5
3. An Act of Kindness 4/5 
4. Warmth 3/5
5. Glory 4/5
6. Power 3/5
7. Two Evils 5/5
8. Send Them Off 4/5
9. Lethargy 5/5
10. Four Walls (The Ballad of Perry Smith) 3/5 
11. Blame 4/5
12. Fake It 5/5
13. Snakes 4/5
14. Winter of Our Youth 4/5
15. Way Beyond 3/5
16. Oil on Water 4/5
17. Campus 3/5
18. Shame 4/5
19. The Anchor 4/5

SONGS TO LOVE: Currents, Two Evils, Lethargy, Fake It, Shame

Bastille's sophomore album is the fruit of creative pressure, after the surprising success of their debut record left the band exploring their musical direction. However, the whole record gels as a unified piece, made to be listened from beginning to end.

In this way, tracks that really stand out include 'Two Evils', a slower song that acts as a nice break; 'Lethargy', upbeat and catchy track that is possibly my favourite and 'Currents', a musical reincarnation of 'Pompeii'.

Whilst non of the tracks released as singles has yet repeated the success of 'Pompeii', the album has received many favourable reviews, and contain a bunch of songs that are just as good.

~~~OVERALL 4/5~~~
'Wild World' truly delivers as a follow up to 'Bad Blood'. If you loved that album, you will love this one too. The concept is fresh and different, with the band's unique roots in making mix-tapes evident, whilst retaining a consistent sound throughout. 

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