Friday, 5 August 2016

Delta Goodrem 'Wings of the Wild' Album Review

After releasing lead single 'Wings' more than a year ago, Delta Goodrem has finally released her fifth album 'Wings of the Wild', which also features singles 'Dear Life', 'Enough' and 'Only Human'. It doesn't seem like that long ago since 'Child of the Universe' was released, but four years on, 'Wings of the Wild' thematically centers on strength, freedom and wilderness.

1. Feline 3/5 
2. Wings 5/5
3. Dear Life 4/5
4. Just Call 3/5
5. In The Name of Love 4/5
6. Enough (ft. Gizzle) 3.5/5
7. Heavy 5/5
8. Only Human 4/5
9. The River 3.5/5
10. I'm Not Giving Up 3/5
11. Encore 4.5/5
12. Hold On 4/5
13. I Believe in a Thing called Love 4/5

'Wings of the Wild' showcases Delta Goodrem in a place where she is sure of herself and the songs here reflect her place of strength and freedom to create the music that she loves. 

Anthemic tracks such as 'The River', 'Feline' and 'Enough' intersperse with chart topping hits such as 'Wings', 'Dear Life' and a catchy tune 'Heavy'. Long time fans of Delta will recognise the roots of this developed sound, and whilst personally, it will take me a few listens before I jump on board, there are a few delightful songs on here.

Unfortunately, the tease of mega hit 'Wings' last year left me slightly disappointed, as I expected much more of the same.

SONGS TO LOVE: Wings, Heavy, Encore

~~~OVERALL 3.5/5~~
Stand out songs 'Wings', 'Heavy' and 'Enough' break through an album that is very much the same with highly layered sounds and anthemic beats that express the themes of power, freedom and tribal animosity. 

Whilst it is a strong album, for me, it was slightly disappointing as I expected a lot more tracks like 'Wings'.

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