Monday, 20 June 2016

Nashville in Concert LONDON 2016

Let me say first off that it was a dream come true tonight. I don't know how or why but I missed the sale for the tickets on the first night and by some miracle a second night was added (lots of fan tweeting and thankfully the stars and the venue decided to do it)- It was a dream that they brought Nashville to the UK at all and the fact that I got to go was just amazing.

There are so many songs on Nashville that could have been performed tonight by stars Sam Palladio, Charles Esten, Clare Bowen and Chris Carmack, but what made this tour special, what made tonight special, was that each of them performed what Nashville, the show, the place, the experience of the past four years meant to them personally.

All of the emotions could be felt from each of them, who truly love doing this, that goes beyond it being part of their job- it is a part of their lives.

I am extremely thankful to each of them for telling the stories through music of Gunnar, Scarlett, Deacon and Will, but tonight especially showed that each of them had their own stories to tell and through their personal original songs, really got a glimpse of their passion for music and storytelling.

Clare's 'Love Steps In' was an emotional joyride that was so powerful it gave me chills and I'm sure everyone agreed it was one hell of a song, met with a standing ovation. Singing 'Longer' alongside fiance Brandon was also a sweet moment early in the show.

Other highlights include Sam and Clare's 'Fade into You', Chris Carmack on the Saxaphone, guest star Chaley Rose, and a very upbeat 'He Ain't Me' by Charles Esten. 

Of course, if the concert could go on forever, I would've loved more tracks from Nashville and from each of them, but what a fantastic show- their love for music, the show and the fans is so strong, by reading and liking our tweets, helping to bring back Nashville for a season 5 and tonight's great energetic performances. 

Thank you Clare, Sam, Chris and Charles for sharing your personal stories tonight and I can't wait for many more of the stories of your characters to be told through the show. I can't wait for your albums and hopefully another tour soon! Come back to London!

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