Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Asia's Next Top Model 4 Episode 13 Recap (FINALE)

Sorry this is late, been quite busy with my final hand in- and catching up on sleep! Didn't recap the recap episode- there wasn't really much that was new, though found the format of it quite interesting, with the reveal of who got eliminated on the previous episode happening at the beginning rather than the end.

Anyway, it was Tawan that was saved (bye bye Julian), who will be up against Patricia and Sang In in the finale.

The girls take part in an avant garde photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar, where they embody some weird couture clothing- I think its interesting and out there, but really, more of an artistic shoot than selling clothes.

Sang In
She gave a lot of variety on set and thought she embodied the brief of futuristic Korean styling perfectly. The final photo lacked something in the face but the body position and overall composition is great- don't get the concept overall, but from what was produced, this is one of the best shots imo.

She really struggled on set and had to have a lot of help from Yu Tsai, though I think it is a compelling picture overall, the top half definitely better than the bottom- which is a bit shapeless and her hand is awkwardly place. I do think her outfit is far more contemporary and actually looks like it could be on the cover of something.

She did well on set and this is a soft photo but its kind of weird and awkward. Not really sure about the shot chosen on the left, the face and head is good for the shot on the right, but the body is kind of a mess.

The final runway sees the girls return to Sentosa. Held in the theatre, they will be wearing designs from Tex Saverio and a local designer whose name I forgot.

Overall, Patricia did the best and commanded the runway. Tawan did well, and Sang In lost the light on both her walks. Wasn't too impressed with the clothes overall- Tex Saverio usually produces something super stunning- like for The Hunger games of even for the final of ANTM Cycle 20! Can't even find very good pictures!

Anyway, after reviewing their photo, their walk and their portfolio... the winner is announced without a score... going to...


I really thought Sang In would win given her performance throughout and being the most striking of the three- and Patricia's performance was strong as well though she's a little too crazy for me and too commercial. Tawan's win just seems a bit bleh, given she had one strong photo (Subaru) and then really kind of floated until the finale, not even given a redemption storyline really... Oh well... until next time, check out who my favourite contestant of this season is here

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