Thursday, 12 May 2016

Eurovision 2016 Second Semi Final

Given the unfortunate timing of the contest conflicting with the deadlines of my studies, these recaps will be brief this year - I noticed I didn't even blog last year! 

Once again, the contest is held in Sweden after last year's win by Mans Zelmerlow (who will be co-hosting), and once again, Australia will be participating after last year's guest debut.

Here is the running order of tonight's semi final, and some brief comments below each one.

1. Latvia
Kind of boring, totally upstaged by the ludicrous opening act! :D

2. Poland
Is this a bonus song from the Les Mis sound track? He looks like he walked right out of the seige scene!

3. Switzerland
A strange opening with smoke and crazy hair... Switzerland is not bad!

4. Israel
It's a good song, but feel like someone else would do it justice? It's missing that X factor! :/ Kind of weirded out by his hair as well!

5. Belarus
That gimmick of nudity lol.. he definitely needed that cos his song is baddd and his staring is freaking me out!! and kind of upstaged by Mans with a wolf toy :P

6. Serbia
Quite a powerful voice but not really here for that song :/

7. Ireland
Westlife's Nicky tries his luck at Eurovision- trying to revive his career or just doing it for fun? Who knows, but it could have been a stronger performance. Got a bit bored. Bring back Jedward?

8. FYR Macedonia 
She has a strong voice but not here for thing song which just makes me think of a doner kebab.

9. Lithuania
Catchy Europop song, with some nice stage effects, but overall kind of a boring performance. Wish there was just a bit more to it given its such an upbeat song :P Oops missed that costume change  and this trampoline bit??

10. Australia
What a voice! Love the sparkles, the opening concrete jungle scene and that sparkly glove- and look, all these cool holograms- what more do you want from a performance? 

11. Slovenia
It has a good hook, but what are these lyrics? Blue is blue and red is red? Smh... and that gymnast was kind of gimmicky

12. Bulgaria
Do not remember her from her previous entry, but this one isn't winning me over, sorry! Those glow stickers won't help!

13. Denmark
Catchy song, but one of the band members (think the good looking one) let it down vocally :/

14. Ukraine
Strong voice but just lots of wailing and screaming!

15. Norway
A strong catchy dance number, which strangely transitions to a slow power ballad, but overall a strong performance.

16. Georgia
Kind of dull- those transitions and camera work is so jumpy its like being on a roller coaster :( not good.

17. Albania
So much gold... the dress is weird... the song is weird. feels like it could have been great, but it just wasn't.

18. Belgium
It's already the last song of the night! It's not easy to sing and dance at the same time, and she did it very well. Despite the lyrical confusions, it was a strong performance, and a good end to tonight's semi final!

So that's it for tonight! Who are your favs and which acts do you want to see in Saturday's final?

My picks so far...


Here's the 10 who made it through:

1. Latvia
2. Georgia
3. Bulgaria
4. Australia
5. Ukraine
6. Serbia
7. Poland
8. Israel
9. Lithuania
10. Belgium

MY friend's pick: Australia
FYR Macedonia

Images via BBC

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