Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Eurovision 2016 First Semi Final

Given the unfortunate timing of the contest conflicting with the deadlines of my studies, these recaps will be brief this year - I noticed I didn't even blog last year! 

Once again, the contest is held in Sweden after last year's win by Mans Zelmerlow (who will be co-hosting), and once again, Australia will be participating after last year's guest debut.

Here is the running order of tonight's semi final, and some brief comments below each one.

1. Finland
This Katy Perry look alike with bad poop hair was a total bore. :(

2. Greece
Interesting sounds and staging, but forgettable.

3. Moldova
Kind of typical Eurovision power song, but again forgettable that even the gimmicky astronaut couldn't save.

4. Hungary
He has such an interesting voice, but at times even that voice was a bit too coarse- does he need a soother? Definitely stronger than the rest so far.

5. Croatia
Nice dress and ok song?

6. Netherlands
OK Folksy song, but kind of a boring performance.

7. Armenia
Funky pop song, beautiful woman, crazy special hologram effects, what more could you want from Eurovision? Jumpy camera work but overall a great performance!

8. San Marino
Not here for this... yawn fest!

9. Russia
So this is the favourite to win this year. It's unfortunate that its using projection again which makes it seem like he's closely copying last year's winner Mans. I'm gonna eat my words not, because he totally just one upped Mans on the technicality of this projection... wow... what a performance!!

10. Czech Republic
Karolina Kurkova look alike- and her glowing dress... ok song but not really a stand out.

11. Cyprus
A nice change of sound musically, but not really my type of thing... and kind of creepy.

12. Austria
Quite like this performance, finally a non-english song- no idea what she was singing about but enchante enchante?

13. Estonia
Missed the card trick. oops

14. Azerbaijan
Kind of typical Azerbaijan female performance- kind of Gold overload, ok song, nothing crazy special.

15. Montenegro
No feels for this :S

16. Iceland
I usually like Iceland's entry but this year it's average song matched by a somewhat scary performance just didn't really gel with me :( sorry, maybe next year.

17. Bosnia & Herzegovena
It's quite extreme but I actually kind of like this weird foil thing they have going on. LOL

18. Malta
The final performance of the night sees another gold wearing woman who's upper face looks like Mariah Carey- kind of missing a really powerful bit, kind of deflated.

So that's it for tonight! Already! Here is my top 10.

2. Russia
4. Austria
5. Netherlands
6. Bosnia & Herzegovena
7. Croatia
8. Iceland
9. Azerbaijan
10. Malta

But who will make it? Here's the 10 that made it through to Saturday's final:

1. Azerbaijan
2. Russia
3. Netherlands
4. Hungary
5. Croatia
6. Austria
7. Armenia
8. Czech Republic
9. Cyprus
10. Malta

#images via BBC

My friend's pick
1. Armenia
2. Malta
3. Iceland
4. Hungary
5. Netherlands
6. Czech Republic
7. Russia
8. Austria
9. Azerbaijan
10. Moldova

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