Saturday, 14 May 2016

Eurovision 2016 Final

Given the unfortunate timing of the contest conflicting with the deadlines of my studies, these recaps will be brief this year - I noticed I didn't even blog last year! 

Once again, the contest is held in Sweden after last year's win by Mans Zelmerlow (who will be co-hosting), and once again, Australia will be participating after last year's guest debut.

Here is the running order of tonight's final, and some brief comments below each one.

1. Belgium
Sounds a little flatter than the semi-final, but still a strong opener. Let's hope voters don't forget about it!

2. Czech Republic
So it's the first time Czech Republic has qualified for the final! Didn't think much of her in the semi-final but actually quite a good song and strong voice!

3. The Netherlands
A nice folksy country song that I would probably normally listen to- an ok performance, but probably not a winning one :P

4. Azerbaijan
Still can't get over the bling bling- it's typical and strong but not winning me over!

5. Hungary
This was my favourite from the first semi final and it still is one of my favs tonight! :) Rooting for this one!

6. Italy
So many props!! Cute song and performance, but when the most memorable part is when she pulls out a sprouting avacado, its not great! :P

7. Israel
It's a strong song and performance, just doesn't resonate with me. Next?

8. Bulgaria
Probably the most Europop of the night, still can't get over her weird dancing and those lacklustre glowing bamds that she only turned on for like a few seconds... 

9. Sweden 
Is this the most casual performance ever?? It's a different approach and a different type of song, but really, kind of missing something... especially for Eurovision!

Probably my favourite staging so far of the night- the trees were a nice touch- though wish her outfit was less Japanese, and more gothic for the song. :P

A strong song, but overall performance a bit backlustre. Could have used a well timed hologram when he summoned the moon. Oh well...

12. Poland
Still don't really get how this got through, maybe it's his scary eyes...

Definitely the best voice of the whole contest this year. A great staging and nice holograms, this is probably the perfect winner for Eurovision. But will it get the votes!?

14. Cyprus

15. Serbia
Quite like the staging for this- very cohesive to the song and styling but kind of boring- though miles better than the last song!

16. Lithuania
This catchy super song is kind of bare to begin with but the staging certainly picks up towards the end, once the fireworks kick in! Might make my top 5!

17. Croatia
This isn't Eurofashion Dress contest- but if it was, she'd win. And her costume change was like a pokemon that just evolved.

18. Russia
This really could be a winner- a super catchy song and staging that 1 upped last year's winner.... but I would love it if Australia won over this- Dami's performance was flawless.

19. Spain
Definitely overshadowed by Russia, it's not bad, but doesn't stand out- at least it has a falling gimmick to help it out.

20. Latvia
Not a bad song, if I wanna feel moody and shouty.

21. Ukraine
Dreamy crazy mindboggling, feel like I lost some of my sanity already. Strong performance and emotional too.

22. Malta
Generic song, and she looks like a mix of Cat Deeley, Kirsty Gallagher, Mariah Carey and Liz Hurley.

23. Georgia
Another toilet break opportunity in Georgia's performance. This is like a time warp.

24. Austria
This was one of my favourites from the first semi final and actually stands out in a really good way- a nice upbeat song compared to the last one. Hope this does well :)

25. United Kingdom
It's not the worst song, but there should probably be a bit more energy- where are the fireworks?? And can't get over how one looks like a puppy and the other looks like a young jeremy renner, oh so kind of both look like puppies :P OH and there are the fireworks... hmm... could have been a stronger performance.

26. Armenia
Some jumpy camera work, but a strong finish to the night, with this super catchy number from super sexy woman.

So, that's it, all the acts have performed, and we will soon (like an hour later) find out who the winner is! Will it be the bookie's favourite Russia or a surprise? Hopefully Australia, but we will find out! Who is your favourite?

My Top Picks:


OK this interval act is perfection. SO funny and literally the best thing ever! Will they release it as a single? If so, it's playing on repeat!

And the winner is...


NOOOOO really wanted Australia to winnnn..... sooo close! This new voting system is sooo tense wowww... but she has a strong personal song- so well done her--- :D :D 

Until next year, if Ukraine isn't at war with Russia... see you all!

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