Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Asia's Next Top Model Episode 10 Recap

Mega quick recap since I'm swamped with work. Angie scrambles to fight for her place in this week's competition and consistently admits to needing to prove herself. Meanwhile, Julian is determined to get her first best performance of the week as is as confident as ever during their runway workshop with Cindy and Kelly.

The photo shoot this week is a MEGACHALLENGE which sees the girls walk the runway, complete a photo shoot at the end of the runway whilst being styled, before a scored runway walk. Most do well, apart from Sang In who accidentally trips on her dress which was too long.

Sang In
I actually quite liked this photo, though her face is rather dead unfortunately, but still not a bad shot. 

I actually think this is probably the worst photo out of all of them, just dead face, no energy and just kinda boring.

Definitely the best picture this week and she proves she can do this kind of commercial thing really well, and the editing is really making her shine this week!

This is one of those interesting photos that probably work more editorially than for Tresemme, though that one eye comment thing I really didn't think was that big of a deal, but this divided the judges and her attitude probably didn't help- though I think this is definitely not the worst photo.

It's not a bad photo but there's just not a lot gong on here, it works overall as a campaign though.

In the end, first call out goes to...

Julian, followed by Tawan and Patricia, which sees my favs Sang In and Angie in the bottom, and since Angie's on a downward spiral, it was only right that she went home! Really wished Patricia went, her photo was just bland and yes she's hilariously crazy but sometimes it's just a bit OTT.

Now totally rooting for Sang In! GO GO GO!

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