Thursday, 5 May 2016

Asia's Next Top Model 4 Episode 9 Recap

I was super busy and not much really happened last week apart from the anticlimatic non-elimination of Tuti- who really should have gone last week against Sang In in the bottom two. The music video overall was lacklustre.

The girls' first challenge this week is a fitness challenge, followed by a sweaty runway walk/pose. Kinda silly. Sang In does well, Tawan wobbles, but in the end, the winner is Tuti? Whatttt.. . They get pedicures.

For the photo shoot this week, the girls will be shooting for Neutrogena, welcoming back the stunning Aimee from last cycle, who is a brand ambassador for Neutrogena. Each girl gets a different product  to represent.

She struggled to begin with but seemed to have gotten a good shot towards the end as she moves into it. There could be a bit more with her face, but its not a bad shot.

Yu Tsai really doesn't like her and is just not helping her at all in the shoot. She has a great face and her shot looks great, though perhaps lucky.

Sang In
She was super natural and breezed through it. Though slightly too kooky, she probably had the best shot imo.

She did well on the shoot, but her photo didn't come out very well. Her look was a bit forced.

She got some good feedback to begin with but lost it at the end. She looks like a kid in her photo.

She struggles with the water and is close to giving up- but Yu Tsai's favouritism of her (so unfair) is pushing to get her through pfft. Give that much encouragement to Julian and she might actually get somewhere !!

At panel, judges loved Julian's photo but Yu Tsai has so much hate for her- let's hope he doesn't score her unfairly. The judges are again divided for Tawan. 

Hate how Yu Tsai defends Angie all the time. So frustrating. 

In the end, first call out goes to...

Sang In, followed by Julian and Patricia. In the bottom two are Tawan and Tuti, with Tuti FINALLY going home. 

Top Three:
1. Sang In
2. Angie
3. Julian

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