Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Asia's Next Top Model 4 Episode 11 Recap

With Angie ousted last week, it's the final 4 battling it out for next week's final. The challenge was rather lacking for the penultimate episode, which focuses on branding, and they had to create some weird Instagram montage with a short video at Sentosa resort.

Blah blah blah, Julian did well overall, but was beaten by Sang In, who I thought had a weaker photo portion. 

For the photo shoot this week, they shoot a Harper's Bazaar spring cover, each embodying a slightly different theme.

Tawan- Power 
I think it's a strong shot, but just not loving it. The hair and make up are quite vintage, and the whole thing lacks a contemporary feel. Her midriff area is slightly square and is in a weird shape, but her legs look good. 

Sang In- Fashion/Clothes?
Although she struggled on set, this is a really strong shot that really sells the dress. The dress looked awful when she started her shoot just swaying about, but in this photo it does look good.

Patricia- Beauty
She photographs old again, and though it is a beautiful photo, it could be for skincare brand Olay for the 40+ rather than Harper's Bazaar. Don't get the love for this one, sorry!

Julian- Asia
What a weird theme, but anyway, she is meant to exude a powerful Asian woman vibe- I think the pose is super interesting, there is slightly something missing in the face, but overall its a strong editorial cover. I don't think she'll ever win Yu Tsai over fully, as she's not that bubbly girl, she's more professional, but anyway, she got a good photo despite her struggles on set.

In the end, the first call out goes to...

Patricia and Sang In, who got joint scores. Tawan and Julian are in the bottom, with the reveal happening next week. Urgh. Suspense to make you watch the recap episode- not really here for that! 

Anyway, I'm hoping Tawan goes, I've just not been impressed with her recently, and she's just not that interesting or personable of late, however I get the impression she's been doing better than Julian so far, maybe just because of the attention thats been put to Julian for her low call outs previously, but it turns out Julian actually has a higher call out average than Tawan, so she MAY just make it for the Philippines!

I'm definitely rooting for Sang In to win this whole thing but feel like Patricia will :( 

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