Wednesday, 25 May 2016

'Morgan' Film Trailer Preview

Directed by the son of Ridley Scott, 'Morgan' is the debut film from Luke Scott, revolving around an artificial life form [gone rogue]? 

Starring Kate Mara as a risk management consultant, tasked with determining whether or not Morgan should be shut down, the film at first draws comparison to last year's indie hit 'Ex Machina'. But unlike Ava, Morgan seems to be far more bloodthirsty and malevolent.

The teaser is a thrilling glimpse into what Morgan is about, and only when it is released, will we see how it pans out, but it certainly looks to be horrifying.

'Morgan' will be released in September. Check out the trailer below:

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

'Sing' Film Trailer Preview

The first full length trailer to Illumination's 'Sing' has arrived. From the creators of Despicable Me comes an animation about a singing contest.

Following the success of Disney's 'Zootopia', the animal filled film has some big shoes to fill, but distancing it as far as possible in terms of release date may be a valid strategy. What's more, the popularity of singing shows such as the X Factor and The Voice shows that there is indeed some interest for this sort of thing, but how will it work in a movie format?

'Sing' tells the story of 5 animal finalists, voiced by Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Matther McConaughey, Taron Egerton and John C Reilly, each with their own financial needs that the prize money would mean a lot to... but who will come out as the winner? 

The film premieres this Christmas. Check out the trailer below:

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Asia's Next Top Model 4 Episode 11 Recap

With Angie ousted last week, it's the final 4 battling it out for next week's final. The challenge was rather lacking for the penultimate episode, which focuses on branding, and they had to create some weird Instagram montage with a short video at Sentosa resort.

Blah blah blah, Julian did well overall, but was beaten by Sang In, who I thought had a weaker photo portion. 

For the photo shoot this week, they shoot a Harper's Bazaar spring cover, each embodying a slightly different theme.

Tawan- Power 
I think it's a strong shot, but just not loving it. The hair and make up are quite vintage, and the whole thing lacks a contemporary feel. Her midriff area is slightly square and is in a weird shape, but her legs look good. 

Sang In- Fashion/Clothes?
Although she struggled on set, this is a really strong shot that really sells the dress. The dress looked awful when she started her shoot just swaying about, but in this photo it does look good.

Patricia- Beauty
She photographs old again, and though it is a beautiful photo, it could be for skincare brand Olay for the 40+ rather than Harper's Bazaar. Don't get the love for this one, sorry!

Julian- Asia
What a weird theme, but anyway, she is meant to exude a powerful Asian woman vibe- I think the pose is super interesting, there is slightly something missing in the face, but overall its a strong editorial cover. I don't think she'll ever win Yu Tsai over fully, as she's not that bubbly girl, she's more professional, but anyway, she got a good photo despite her struggles on set.

In the end, the first call out goes to...

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Eurovision 2016 Final

Given the unfortunate timing of the contest conflicting with the deadlines of my studies, these recaps will be brief this year - I noticed I didn't even blog last year! 

Once again, the contest is held in Sweden after last year's win by Mans Zelmerlow (who will be co-hosting), and once again, Australia will be participating after last year's guest debut.

Here is the running order of tonight's final, and some brief comments below each one.

1. Belgium
Sounds a little flatter than the semi-final, but still a strong opener. Let's hope voters don't forget about it!

2. Czech Republic
So it's the first time Czech Republic has qualified for the final! Didn't think much of her in the semi-final but actually quite a good song and strong voice!

3. The Netherlands
A nice folksy country song that I would probably normally listen to- an ok performance, but probably not a winning one :P

4. Azerbaijan
Still can't get over the bling bling- it's typical and strong but not winning me over!

5. Hungary
This was my favourite from the first semi final and it still is one of my favs tonight! :) Rooting for this one!

6. Italy
So many props!! Cute song and performance, but when the most memorable part is when she pulls out a sprouting avacado, its not great! :P

7. Israel
It's a strong song and performance, just doesn't resonate with me. Next?

8. Bulgaria
Probably the most Europop of the night, still can't get over her weird dancing and those lacklustre glowing bamds that she only turned on for like a few seconds... 

9. Sweden 
Is this the most casual performance ever?? It's a different approach and a different type of song, but really, kind of missing something... especially for Eurovision!

Probably my favourite staging so far of the night- the trees were a nice touch- though wish her outfit was less Japanese, and more gothic for the song. :P

A strong song, but overall performance a bit backlustre. Could have used a well timed hologram when he summoned the moon. Oh well...

12. Poland
Still don't really get how this got through, maybe it's his scary eyes...

Definitely the best voice of the whole contest this year. A great staging and nice holograms, this is probably the perfect winner for Eurovision. But will it get the votes!?

14. Cyprus

15. Serbia
Quite like the staging for this- very cohesive to the song and styling but kind of boring- though miles better than the last song!

16. Lithuania
This catchy super song is kind of bare to begin with but the staging certainly picks up towards the end, once the fireworks kick in! Might make my top 5!

17. Croatia
This isn't Eurofashion Dress contest- but if it was, she'd win. And her costume change was like a pokemon that just evolved.

18. Russia
This really could be a winner- a super catchy song and staging that 1 upped last year's winner.... but I would love it if Australia won over this- Dami's performance was flawless.

19. Spain
Definitely overshadowed by Russia, it's not bad, but doesn't stand out- at least it has a falling gimmick to help it out.

20. Latvia
Not a bad song, if I wanna feel moody and shouty.

21. Ukraine
Dreamy crazy mindboggling, feel like I lost some of my sanity already. Strong performance and emotional too.

22. Malta
Generic song, and she looks like a mix of Cat Deeley, Kirsty Gallagher, Mariah Carey and Liz Hurley.

23. Georgia
Another toilet break opportunity in Georgia's performance. This is like a time warp.

24. Austria
This was one of my favourites from the first semi final and actually stands out in a really good way- a nice upbeat song compared to the last one. Hope this does well :)

25. United Kingdom
It's not the worst song, but there should probably be a bit more energy- where are the fireworks?? And can't get over how one looks like a puppy and the other looks like a young jeremy renner, oh so kind of both look like puppies :P OH and there are the fireworks... hmm... could have been a stronger performance.

26. Armenia
Some jumpy camera work, but a strong finish to the night, with this super catchy number from super sexy woman.

So, that's it, all the acts have performed, and we will soon (like an hour later) find out who the winner is! Will it be the bookie's favourite Russia or a surprise? Hopefully Australia, but we will find out! Who is your favourite?

My Top Picks:


OK this interval act is perfection. SO funny and literally the best thing ever! Will they release it as a single? If so, it's playing on repeat!

And the winner is...

Delta Goodrem 'Dear Life' Official Music Video

Delta Goodrem releases the video to the second single of her upcoming untitled album. 

'Dear Life' is a beautiful song about life's struggles and joys and reflects Delta's own struggles along the way. I am loving her music this era so far and I can't wait for the release of her new album, hopefully in the Summer/Fall of this year!

Check out the video below:

Friday, 13 May 2016

'The Accountant' Film Trailer Preview

From playing Batman, Ben Affleck moves to play compulsive mastermind Assassin in 'The Accountant', opposite Anna Kendrick.

The trailer is perfectly crafted to grip yet not give too much away, in a snappy mashup that shows Affleck's character live a double life, accountant by day, assassin by night. Already loving the shots of organised cutlery, separated food and looking forward to how they explore that aspect of his character visually.

The film premieres in October. Check out the trailer below:

'Assassin's Creed' Film Trailer Preview

The first trailer to the highly anticipated film adaptation of the popular games franchise 'Assassin's Creed' has been released. 

Starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, the film is a futuristic tale that sees Fassbender access memories from his ancestors and learns the skills from Aguilar's secret Assassin's society, equipping himself for the threat of today.

'Assassin's Creed premieres in December'. Check out the trailer below:

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Eurovision 2016 Second Semi Final

Given the unfortunate timing of the contest conflicting with the deadlines of my studies, these recaps will be brief this year - I noticed I didn't even blog last year! 

Once again, the contest is held in Sweden after last year's win by Mans Zelmerlow (who will be co-hosting), and once again, Australia will be participating after last year's guest debut.

Here is the running order of tonight's semi final, and some brief comments below each one.

1. Latvia
Kind of boring, totally upstaged by the ludicrous opening act! :D

2. Poland
Is this a bonus song from the Les Mis sound track? He looks like he walked right out of the seige scene!

3. Switzerland
A strange opening with smoke and crazy hair... Switzerland is not bad!

4. Israel
It's a good song, but feel like someone else would do it justice? It's missing that X factor! :/ Kind of weirded out by his hair as well!

5. Belarus
That gimmick of nudity lol.. he definitely needed that cos his song is baddd and his staring is freaking me out!! and kind of upstaged by Mans with a wolf toy :P

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Asia's Next Top Model Episode 10 Recap

Mega quick recap since I'm swamped with work. Angie scrambles to fight for her place in this week's competition and consistently admits to needing to prove herself. Meanwhile, Julian is determined to get her first best performance of the week as is as confident as ever during their runway workshop with Cindy and Kelly.

The photo shoot this week is a MEGACHALLENGE which sees the girls walk the runway, complete a photo shoot at the end of the runway whilst being styled, before a scored runway walk. Most do well, apart from Sang In who accidentally trips on her dress which was too long.

Sang In
I actually quite liked this photo, though her face is rather dead unfortunately, but still not a bad shot. 

I actually think this is probably the worst photo out of all of them, just dead face, no energy and just kinda boring.

Definitely the best picture this week and she proves she can do this kind of commercial thing really well, and the editing is really making her shine this week!

This is one of those interesting photos that probably work more editorially than for Tresemme, though that one eye comment thing I really didn't think was that big of a deal, but this divided the judges and her attitude probably didn't help- though I think this is definitely not the worst photo.

It's not a bad photo but there's just not a lot gong on here, it works overall as a campaign though.

In the end, first call out goes to...

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Eurovision 2016 First Semi Final

Given the unfortunate timing of the contest conflicting with the deadlines of my studies, these recaps will be brief this year - I noticed I didn't even blog last year! 

Once again, the contest is held in Sweden after last year's win by Mans Zelmerlow (who will be co-hosting), and once again, Australia will be participating after last year's guest debut.

Here is the running order of tonight's semi final, and some brief comments below each one.

1. Finland
This Katy Perry look alike with bad poop hair was a total bore. :(

2. Greece
Interesting sounds and staging, but forgettable.

3. Moldova
Kind of typical Eurovision power song, but again forgettable that even the gimmicky astronaut couldn't save.

4. Hungary
He has such an interesting voice, but at times even that voice was a bit too coarse- does he need a soother? Definitely stronger than the rest so far.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Asia's Next Top Model 4 Episode 9 Recap

I was super busy and not much really happened last week apart from the anticlimatic non-elimination of Tuti- who really should have gone last week against Sang In in the bottom two. The music video overall was lacklustre.

The girls' first challenge this week is a fitness challenge, followed by a sweaty runway walk/pose. Kinda silly. Sang In does well, Tawan wobbles, but in the end, the winner is Tuti? Whatttt.. . They get pedicures.

For the photo shoot this week, the girls will be shooting for Neutrogena, welcoming back the stunning Aimee from last cycle, who is a brand ambassador for Neutrogena. Each girl gets a different product  to represent.

She struggled to begin with but seemed to have gotten a good shot towards the end as she moves into it. There could be a bit more with her face, but its not a bad shot.

Yu Tsai really doesn't like her and is just not helping her at all in the shoot. She has a great face and her shot looks great, though perhaps lucky.

Sang In
She was super natural and breezed through it. Though slightly too kooky, she probably had the best shot imo.

She did well on the shoot, but her photo didn't come out very well. Her look was a bit forced.

She got some good feedback to begin with but lost it at the end. She looks like a kid in her photo.

She struggles with the water and is close to giving up- but Yu Tsai's favouritism of her (so unfair) is pushing to get her through pfft. Give that much encouragement to Julian and she might actually get somewhere !!

At panel, judges loved Julian's photo but Yu Tsai has so much hate for her- let's hope he doesn't score her unfairly. The judges are again divided for Tawan. 

Hate how Yu Tsai defends Angie all the time. So frustrating. 

In the end, first call out goes to...


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