Wednesday, 13 April 2016

'The Huntsman: Winter's War' Film Review

The sequel to 'Snow White and the Huntsman' sees the plot centered on Eric (Chris Hemsworth) and how he came to be a Huntsman alongside Sara (Jessica Chastain), under the watchful and coldhearted eyes of Freya (Emily Blunt, the Ice Queen.

Opening years before Snow White, the tale begins with Freya's heartbreak over a lover and the loss of her daughter, awakening her magical power. Translating her pain into power, Freya raises an army as her children and decrees that love is forbidden, only to discover that her top Huntsman, Eric and Sara, are in love. 

Vanquished from her kingdom, the tale then moves to the present future, where Ravenna has been defeated. But when news of the mirror going missing surfaces, Eric is tasked with finding it and bringing it to a sanctuary, but he's not the only one looking for it.

Admittedly, the aesthetics and cast were the big draw for me. In my review of the previous movie, it was Charlize Theron who stole the show and I was very much looking forward to the same treatment of the actor, and I was not disappointed. From the opening sequence to the final credits, Theron's Ravenna is a delight to watch, oozing with evil, in the most beautiful way. 

Banking on such visuals (and perhaps the success of Disney's Frozen), the sequel introduces another queen, Ravenna's sister, Freya, who becomes the Ice Queen. Throughout the film, Freya models numerous icy garments but presents a softer side, one that has hardened through heartbreak, and a frosty touch.

In between these two always-elegantly-dressed [witches], we have the central characters, Eric and Sara who's sole costume change is their birthday suit when they take a romantic dip in a hot spring. Whilst their love story is believable, it is cliched, and their adventure journey to recover the mirror I couldn't care less for. 

The action sequences were exciting, though at times excessively unbelievable and over the top. The ending was predictable in true Hollywood fashion. 


Chris Hemsworth- The Huntsman/Eric
Jessica Chastain- Sara
Emily Blunt- Freya
Charlize Theron- Ravenna

Also stars Sam Claflin

~~~OVERALL 7/10~~~
'The Huntsman: Winter's War' is yet again a visual feast for the eyes, only ruined by cliched resolutions and some excessive CGI/action sequences. The darker take on the story is much preferred in my opinion and given the open ending, would like to see this approach if they decide to make another one.

Given that Ravenna and Freya were perhaps the most interesting characters of the film, I say, for the next one, why not cut out the Huntman entirely? They didn't seem to mind with Snow White.

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