Sunday, 17 April 2016

'Mr Right' Film Review

Action comedy 'Mr Right' sees Anna Kendrick's Martha as a psychochick who struggles to find her prince Charming. After her latest boyfriend cheats on her, Martha meets ex-hit-man Francis (Sam Rockwell) and connect instantly.

But as his past of killing catches up with him and Martha finds out the truth, Francis must single handedly win back the love of his life whilst avoiding killing anyone else despite a group of gangsters seeking him out.

At one hour and a half, the movie should be seemingly tight and pacy, but felt rather a drag. The implausible plot leaves much to be desired and it feels as if the whole production team left the heavy lifting to leads Kendrick and Rockwell. 

Even the super talented and lovable Kendrick felt misplaced in this movie as psychochick Martha. Whilst she's great at doing ditzy or super clever or grounded female characters, her decisions were irrational and dare i say it, rather annoying. That said, Kendrick kicked some major ass in the final ten minutes and produced the LOL moment of the entire film.

Opposite Kendrick, we have Rockwell, who is also way too talented for this film, but unlike Kendrick's Martha, Rockwell's Francis is quite a defined character, who has his quirks and a far more complex personality. Rockwell brings life and style to the character and managed to lead the film.

What the film lacks is a coherent story that the audience cares for. Straddling rom com and action isn't a difficult genre merge, and yet they couldn't get it right. Whilst this review is turning into a bit of a rant, it is because it could very easily have been a stronger film.

Anna Kendrick- Martha
Sam Rockwell- Francis/ Mr Right
Tim Roth- Hopper

~~~OVERALL 6/10~~~
'Mr Right' is an implausible action comedy with a no-go plot. Despite its stellar leads, the film turns lovable Kendrick into an annoying and irrational psychochick, leaving Rockwell to carry the whole film. This could easily have been a stronger film given a few tweaks. Take some notes from 'Knight and Day'.

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