Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Asia's Next Top Model 4 Episode 6 Recap

The girls' first challenge is a Zalora Challenge, but Sang In is missing as she is ill. For the styling challenge, the girls will be paired up and will be competing against each other.

Patricia VS Tuti : Blue

May VS Tawan : Green

Aldilla VS Angie : Red 

Julian VS Sang In : Yellow

Most of the girls do well, but in the end, the winning looks were Tuti, Tawan, Aldilla and Julian, each one winning a 15 minute phone call with their family. The losers get 10 minutes each too. 

And the best styled girl wins a Zalora shopping spree, and that is... Tuti! She gets 15 seconds to grab as much as she can from the pop-up store. looool she should have just grabbed everything!

For the photo shoot this week, the girls will be wearing Zalora clothes on a yacht, the best performance this week will be the face of Zalora.

Sang In
She does well, with a variety of poses and is not phased by Yu Tsai's shouting. She looks great but think she is looking like the same face every week now- that intense Sang In thing.

She kept jumping around and did not have time to do what the Zalora woman wanted, which was just standing still. There is some nice symmetry with that yellow triangle in the back, but the background is completely missing and her contortion is too extreme.

Seems like she spent all ten minutes doing this hair flick pose. Didn't like the photo when I first saw it but actually quite interesting compared to the rest.

She looked really good on set and I actually really like her photo, might be a but missing in the face, but the sort of boyish look really works for her.

Julian really struggles on set and Yu Tsai gave up halfway. It's not the worst photo but kind of weird. At least she has some life in it.

Her performance was really bland, and her face is kind of dead. She's so gorgeous in the confessionals and at panel, but in photos it's just not there.

She looked great and had good intensity, but her lower body is a mess. 

This was probably her best shoot to date and actually living up to her hype. I think her photo was definitely the best and made the clothes look fantastic.

At panel, the judges liked Tuti and Sang In. It will probably be Julian and Aldilla on the bottom two. So first call out goes to...

Sang In, followed by Tuti and Tawan. In the bottom two are Aldilla and Julian, with Aldilla going home... and so obviously Cindy is telling her that she needs to do better representing Phillipines because she needs her to go as far as she can to keep ratings but cannot keep saving her. LOOOL!

Top Three:
1. Sang In
2. Angie
3. May

Next week the girls will be paired with a male model for their shoot.

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