Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Asia's Next Top Model 4 Episode 5 Recap

After last week's dramatic and highly orchestrated episode, the girls do not seem hugely affected and are quickly taken to their first challenge, where they pose as 'mannequins' for Madeaw's latest collection, for 30 minutes.

Angie's seated pose is sort of sneaky, but the judges didn't like it. Aldilla did well, despite having an allergic reaction to the dress, and May was ok. Jessica was critiqued as pageanty, Tuti does well with her awkward dramatic shape and Julian's dress started falling apart. The judges loved Sang In's face, Tawan was 'safe' and Patricia does well too.

In the end, the winner was Sang In, who wins an advantage for the next photoshoot, probably more time or more frames. But instead, Sang In gets to choose the group composition for the photo shoot where they will be posing in groups of three. 

For the photo shoot, the girls will be posing in groups, and the winner gets to go on a trip to New York fashion week. The concept is 'It' Girl, and as Patricia Field describes it 'Brains, Beauty, and Brand'.

Sang- In, Adilla, Julian
They didn't really work very well as a team and struggled, they looked good individually, but as a photo seems a bit weird.

May, Patricia, Jessica
They also seemed to struggle to work as a group, and got yelled at several times.

Angie, Tuti, Tawan
They seemed to work the best as a group though Angie was yelled at and lost her confidence. Eeek... 

At panel, the judges like Sang In, who overpowered Aldilla and Julian. Patricia liked Tuti but Cindy thought her pose was awkward, and Tawan was critiqued, whilst Angie was the weakest in the group. In the last group, May was natural and edgy, Patricia was praised for her pose, Jessica was the weakest, but Yu Tsai defends her for helping the other two shine.

In the end, first call out goes to...

May, followed by Sang In and Patricia. In the bottom two are Jessica and Julian, and Jessica goes. Well, when you're up against the token Phillipine I guess there's no hope, though her performance so far and this week has not really helped her. :P oh well...

Top Three:
1. Sang In
2. Angie
3. Patricia

More drama next week with shouty Yu-Tsai and Angie as they pose on a boat. 

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