Thursday, 10 March 2016

Spotlight: Aimee Cheng Bradshaw (Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 3)

With a new season of Asia's Next Top Model just premiered, let's take a look back at what my all time favourite contestant is doing right now. 2nd Runner Up of Asia's Next Top Model cycle 3 Aimee Cheng Bradshaw is having such a strong post-show career and I am so happy for her.

Despite not winning the show due to implausibly stupid weight issues and potential political reasons, Aimee has covered magazines, walked runways and feature in numerous commercials and even TV hosting. The Singaporean model will even be featuring in the upcoming season of AsNTM so we will definitely be looking out for her. 

With a new host and a bunch of new girls, let's hope cycle 4 will live up to the high expectations of the past cycles.

Check out some of her best post show work below:

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