Saturday, 12 March 2016

Phil Wickham 'Children of God' Album Review

Phil Wickham's sixth studio album has just dropped. Titled 'Children of God', the album is a reminder of God's sovereignty and love for all. We are His Children. 

Written and recorded in the past year, during which Wickham had lost his voice, the album is a response to God's message of love.

The album features 12 new tracks:

1. Amen//Doxology
2. Better than Life
3. Your Love Awakens Me
4. The Secret Place (ft. Madison Cunningham)
5. Wide Awake
6. My All in All
7. Starmaker (High Above the Earth)
8. Children of God
9. Stand in Awe
10. Body Mind & Soul
11. As It Is In Heaven
12. Spirit of God

Lead single 'Your Love Awakens Me' is a familiar anthemic sound that has a beaty chorus which flows almost immediately from his previous album.

A transition occurs with collaboration 'The Secret Place' (ft. Madison Cunningham). The song is contemporary and refreshing, with indie-pop vibes that we have yet to hear from Wickham.

Synthy pop sounds return in 'Wide Awake' and 'Starmaker', both dreamier tracks that resonate with his previous album 'Heaven and Earth'.

The album peaks with 'Stand in Awe' which is a guitar heavy, worship friendly track that is both addictive with a classic worship sound, with the next two tracks also following this less synthetic sound.

'Children of God' ends with a welcome relief in 'Spirit of God', which is a soft ballad that really stands out amongst the otherwise busy tracks.

The Secret Place, Stand In Awe, Spirit of God, Your Love Awakens Me

~~~OVERALL 8/10~~~
Phil Wickham delivers another uplifting album which combines a range of sounds, bringing back some of the synth pop we got from 'Heaven and Earth'. whilst exploring new territory with 'The Secret Place'. 

Lyrically the album is again imaginative and encouraging, with tracks both worship-friendly and easy to listen to.

The album can be purchased for immediate download now on Phil Wickham's official site. 

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