Monday, 26 June 2017

Favourite AsNTM Contestants Per Cycle

I did this with America's Next Top Model, and now with that gone, and this being my new favourite NTM, it's only fair that I do a post for Asia's too! With another season of Asia's Next Top Model underway, let's have a  look at my favourite contestants from the past Season

AsNTM 1: Helena Chan, Hong Kong
Whilst she wasn't the best editorial model on the show, the combination of smarts, personality and with two first call outs and numerous challenge wins got her to the top 6, till she was rather unfairly eliminated. She was never afraid to voice her opinion or express them facially and was definitely the stand out entertainer this season.

AsNTM 2: Katarina Rodriguez, Philippines
This season was a toughie. It was difficult to really root for anyone... but I guess my favourite would have to be Katarina, who quietly rose to the top 4, but only really emerged as a potential contender at the end. 

AsNTM 3: Aimee Cheng Bradshaw, Singapore

Aimee is so far my favourite Asia's Next Top Model contestant ever. Her combination of humour and wits make her the funniest to have participated on the show. Her fresh look and glowing personality allowed her to soar to the top 3, and could have easily taken the prize was it not for the judges' view on her weight. She's since done numerous nationwide campaigns for Neutrogena, appeared in ELLE Style and walked a range of fashion shows.

AsNTM 4: Jessica Barta Lam, Hong Kong
A second girl from Hong Kong makes it onto my favourites list! Jessica was definitely underrated and eliminated prematurely. Since competing on the show, she has walked for New York Fashion Week and starred in a Estee Lauder commercial.

AsNTM5: Shikin Gomez, Malaysia

Shikin has consistently performed throughout the competition, and cemented her place as a favourite after many other (maybe more obvious favourites such as Layla and Dorothy) left the competition prematurely. Nonetheless, she is a strong all rounder, performing well in both motion editorial and editorial. Although she didn't win, she definitely deserved to as she outperformed the other two in the final episode.


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