Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Asia's Next Top Model 4 Episode 4 Recap

So last week Sang In won best photo and Mai Ngo went home instead of Gwen... *sigh* now, more drama is being invoked to the house with a phone with 40 minutes credit given to Sang In for her performance last week, which she can choose to share or keep to herself.

Whilst she's thinking about what to do, Jessica raises the issue of beds as she wants to move to Mai Ngo's bed, to which May overreacts. Like the way she asked was not at all confrontational. Poor thing, one leg injury and the whole house turns on you.

Sang In, being Jessica's friend, gives her 10 minutes of her call time... and this will surely anger the other girls... but the drama is yet to unfold as night turns to morning, and the girls do a paddleboard yoga pose challenge. Sounds like a Tyra challenge :S

Gwen is the first to fall in (YES- get eliminated, please) after just one pose. The final two are Julian and Angie, and the winner is... Angie!! Scores this cycle are pretty sporadic, with Angie getting a whopping 15 points, whilst Gwen gets 1... Quite a few strong contenders on the bottom (Sang In, Aldilla, Tuti) of this leaderboard!

For the photo shoot, Glenn Tan of Subaru returns with Monika and Natalie in his arms... who will join them this week?

Angie does a great job and made it look effortless, there is a ghostly shape about it which I love and you do look right at her in the picture.

Sang In struggles to begin with, but manages to get a strong picture, and she looks great, unique shape and pose.

Alaiza... what happened to her? She's not really in this anymore is she? hmm... her photo is really bad. There's not really any motion in the dress and her body is awkward :( I'm scared she will go instead of Gwen :S

Patricia does well and got great feedback on set. I like her picture but nothing different or special.

Gwen also really struggles, flapping about and not knowing what to do with herself... I do wish that she could do it and like prove everyone wrong, but somethings just disconnected. Her photo is pretty bad and could very well send her home.

Tawan does really well, it's the best we've seen her yet and definitely the best shot this week, but her low challenge score may just render her second place.

Julian does well, but there is disconnection between her pose and the car... She could have just been photoshopped in.

May does well, but her photo does not really translate for the advert. The fabrics of the dress looks good, but again some disconnection.

Tuti literally does the same thing at every photo shoot, but seems like she managed to soften it a bit this time, but what she does deliver is so different to the other girls that an average Tuti still stands out amongst the others.

Aldilla struggles with movement, but she did look really good on set. Her photo was a mess.

Jessica really struggled and seemed to have gotten the worst feedback out of all the girls, but her photo isn't all that bad. I quite liked it.

At panel, Yu Tsai joins the judges as a special guest.

The judges loved Angie and Tawan, whilst the rest were average, with Gwen, Alaiza, Aldilla and Jessica all receiving negative feedback.

Sang In. Poor Sang In. She gets yelled at by Subaru man for rolling her eyes at the photo shoot. He calls her out for that, yet he unprofessionally swears and shouts at her at judging. I think HE needs a major anger readjustment. Smh. #teamSangIn

Cindy also reveals it will be a double elimination this week. :O NOO

In the end, the first call out goes to...

Tawan (who wins immunity from next week's elimination), followed by Angie (whom they clearly lowered her scores to make her second- SO NOT FAIR) and Alaiza (WHAT- so unexpected, her photo was SO POOR)... this is whack elimination! D: D: D:

OMG THIS EXCHANGE BETWEEN ALAIZA AND CINDY. OMG OMG OMG This is what this show is about. WOW. drama 100%

In the bottom three are Sang In, Gwen and Aldilla. Sang In has to stay... poor Aldilla, she did not do the worst, but :O at least Sang In stayed. BUT WAIT

Cindy calls out Alaiza and confronts her if she really wants to stay, and she admits that she doesn't, saving Aldilla from elimination. What an episode.

I don't really have much more to say, but that this has been one breathtaking episode, possibly the best one ever of Asia's NTM. Whilst the scores were really really biased and fixed, what unfolded was top television. 

Top Three:
1. Jessica
2. Angie
3. Sang In

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