Thursday, 24 March 2016

Asia's Next Top Model 4 Episode 3 Recap

It's makeover week on Asia's Next Top Model, and I have to say, the results are far underwhelming. Sooo many of the girls break down in tears over their make over with a huge plethora of open mouthed shock faces to edited together. 

Mai Ngo struggles with her makeover as she does not want short hair at all. Angie was close to quitting when she heard they were going to shave her sides... In the end, they all go through with the makeover, some more drastic than others... a lot of bangs, a lot of trims/bobs... 

For the photo shoot the girls will be styling two looks for their model comp card.

Alaiza seemed to have struggle, though I really liked her photo this week. Jessica's hair is really weird, and why she chose to style it in a mullet like a housewife is beyond me, but she got great feedback on set. Angie actually hasn't had much done to her look apart from one shaved side which is pretty on trend and edgy, and she looked great on set and in the photos.

Tawan is kind of sabotaged with her weird poop hair, but seemed to have done well... Mai Ngo struggles with her new hair and really flunked this shoot by being too hard and looked like she was angry. 

Sang In is ill and gets taken to hospital, potentially unable to do her shoot. However, when she returns, she looks super edgy with her new look and rocked it, though I actually would've prefered all her photos to be black and white. It's not like she's going to keep the dye in her hair forever.

Gwen looks like 50 and a housewife... she needs to go home. Patricia looked fresh, had a wide range of poses, but might be a bit commercial. 

 Aldilla looks great in person actually with her new hair, though her photos are a bit bland tbh. May still looks pretty 'young' and 'sweet' in her photos, but looks good.

Julian actually looks quite good in her photos, though it seems like her hair is the stand out because it's got a life of its own in each one! Tuti does the same broken poses in every shoot it seems :/ They're good photos, wish she'd done more with the styling though- she mentioned mowhawk earlier... where is it!

At panel, the judges loved Tuti, Sang In, Aldilla, but Mai Ngo, Gwen were harshly critiqued.

In the end, first call out goes to...

Sang In, followed by Tuti and Aldilla. In the bottom two, are Gwen and Mai Ngo, and Mai Ngo is sent home.

Top Three:
1. Jessica
2. Angie
3. Sang In/Alaiza

Feel a little sorry for Mai Ngo, given she was the MVP of gifs this season...  and she had a good photo few weeks ago, whilst Gwen is a resident bottom two-er... let's hope Jessica can pull through for the rest of the season as more drama revolves around her next week.

Plus, the Subaru man returns and explodes at panel, along with Yu Tsai joining in some form. Exciting :0

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