Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Asia's Next Top Model 4 Episode 4 Recap

So last week Sang In won best photo and Mai Ngo went home instead of Gwen... *sigh* now, more drama is being invoked to the house with a phone with 40 minutes credit given to Sang In for her performance last week, which she can choose to share or keep to herself.

Whilst she's thinking about what to do, Jessica raises the issue of beds as she wants to move to Mai Ngo's bed, to which May overreacts. Like the way she asked was not at all confrontational. Poor thing, one leg injury and the whole house turns on you.

Sang In, being Jessica's friend, gives her 10 minutes of her call time... and this will surely anger the other girls... but the drama is yet to unfold as night turns to morning, and the girls do a paddleboard yoga pose challenge. Sounds like a Tyra challenge :S

Gwen is the first to fall in (YES- get eliminated, please) after just one pose. The final two are Julian and Angie, and the winner is... Angie!! Scores this cycle are pretty sporadic, with Angie getting a whopping 15 points, whilst Gwen gets 1... Quite a few strong contenders on the bottom (Sang In, Aldilla, Tuti) of this leaderboard!

For the photo shoot, Glenn Tan of Subaru returns with Monika and Natalie in his arms... who will join them this week?

Angie does a great job and made it look effortless, there is a ghostly shape about it which I love and you do look right at her in the picture.

Sang In struggles to begin with, but manages to get a strong picture, and she looks great, unique shape and pose.

Alaiza... what happened to her? She's not really in this anymore is she? hmm... her photo is really bad. There's not really any motion in the dress and her body is awkward :( I'm scared she will go instead of Gwen :S

Patricia does well and got great feedback on set. I like her picture but nothing different or special.

Gwen also really struggles, flapping about and not knowing what to do with herself... I do wish that she could do it and like prove everyone wrong, but somethings just disconnected. Her photo is pretty bad and could very well send her home.

Tawan does really well, it's the best we've seen her yet and definitely the best shot this week, but her low challenge score may just render her second place.

Julian does well, but there is disconnection between her pose and the car... She could have just been photoshopped in.

May does well, but her photo does not really translate for the advert. The fabrics of the dress looks good, but again some disconnection.

Tuti literally does the same thing at every photo shoot, but seems like she managed to soften it a bit this time, but what she does deliver is so different to the other girls that an average Tuti still stands out amongst the others.

Aldilla struggles with movement, but she did look really good on set. Her photo was a mess.

Jessica really struggled and seemed to have gotten the worst feedback out of all the girls, but her photo isn't all that bad. I quite liked it.

At panel, Yu Tsai joins the judges as a special guest.

The judges loved Angie and Tawan, whilst the rest were average, with Gwen, Alaiza, Aldilla and Jessica all receiving negative feedback.

Sang In. Poor Sang In. She gets yelled at by Subaru man for rolling her eyes at the photo shoot. He calls her out for that, yet he unprofessionally swears and shouts at her at judging. I think HE needs a major anger readjustment. Smh. #teamSangIn

Cindy also reveals it will be a double elimination this week. :O NOO

In the end, the first call out goes to...

'Me Before You' Film Trailer Preview

The highly anticipated movie adaptation of the hit book 'Me Before You' receives its first trailer.

Starring Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke, the two are a woman helping a paralyzed man who grow in love as they get to know one another. The trailer does not hold much back, and it looks to be an emotional joyride. 

The film debuts in June. Check out the trailer below:

'The Invitation' Film Trailer Preview

The first trailer for psychological thriller 'The Invitation' has been released.

Starring Michiel Huisman and Logan-Marshall Green, the film sees a man tormented as he attends a dinner party hosted by his ex-wife and her current husband, thinking they will have sinister intentions for their guests.

The snappy trailer does not give very much away but the two male leads visual similarities are sure to bring in an identity/psychotic element. Reminds me a bit of 'The Gift'.

'The Invitation' comes out in April. Check out the trailer below:

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Film Review

Despite being released to extremely poor critic reviews last week, Batman V Superman has seen a strong resurgence at the box office, and a growing user score on review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes.

After the alien invasion of Gotham by Zod in the last movie, which caused much destruction to Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), he is determined to end the havoc caused by Superman (Henry Cavill) by being undercover Vigilante Batman, whilst on the other hand, Clark Kent wants to expose Batman as a dangerous figure.

The two's secret rivalry is escalated by Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), who also sees Superman as a danger and sets in motion a series of events that lead to the two battling it out to the death.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

'Get A Job' Film Review

In production since 2012, 'Get A Job' finally sees the light of day with a limited release. 

Miles Teller and Anna Kendrick lead the movie as two post-college millennials, swimming in the sea of employment, discovering success, redundancy and what really matters in life after graduation.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Harbin Opera House by MAD Architects

The Harbin Opera House by MAD Architects, completed last year, is part of the Harbin masterplan, also being developed by MAD. Situated in the wetlands, the opera house embodies an extremely organic form, that seemingly arbitrary from above, expresses many levels of topography and materiality within.

The tectonic and material expression is breathtaking and evocative, incorporating elements of steel, timber and glass. I shan't comment on its efficiency or cost, but it certainly sets a benchmark for this new cultural center, aesthetically.

Check out more images below:

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Birdy 'Beautiful Lies' Deluxe Album Review

Birdy officially drops her new album 'Beautiful Lies' tomorrow. The English singer-songwriter returns with her third album, which is more hopeful, centered on change and finding herself, now aged nineteen.

The increased production time for this album has meant that Birdy was more involved with the producing this time around from beginning to end, and brings us 14 new tracks, with an additional 5 in her deluxe edition:

1. Growing Pains 3/5
Opening track 'Growing Pains' starts with an unusual sounding Birdy (some Asian sound whilst consistent with her album cover is nowhere else to be found), which initially took me by surprise, but her vocals eventually became recognisable by the chorus. It's a track that will need a few more listens to get used to.

2. Shadow 4/5
No surprises here with 'Shadow', a moody beat-heavy track that opened with stunning piano which elevates to a chant like anthem- and for some reason could hear this being played for adverts :P 

3. Keeping Your Head Up 4/5
The lead single to the album is an upbeat, dance pop number which shows some of the new sounds Birdy is exploring on this album, whilst retaining soulful vocals. 

4. Deep End 5/5
'Deep End' brings back more of the drum beats in another soulful, moody track, that is easy to love and difficult to fault.

Asia's Next Top Model 4 Episode 3 Recap

It's makeover week on Asia's Next Top Model, and I have to say, the results are far underwhelming. Sooo many of the girls break down in tears over their make over with a huge plethora of open mouthed shock faces to edited together. 

Mai Ngo struggles with her makeover as she does not want short hair at all. Angie was close to quitting when she heard they were going to shave her sides... In the end, they all go through with the makeover, some more drastic than others... a lot of bangs, a lot of trims/bobs... 

For the photo shoot the girls will be styling two looks for their model comp card.

Alaiza seemed to have struggle, though I really liked her photo this week. Jessica's hair is really weird, and why she chose to style it in a mullet like a housewife is beyond me, but she got great feedback on set. Angie actually hasn't had much done to her look apart from one shaved side which is pretty on trend and edgy, and she looked great on set and in the photos.

Tawan is kind of sabotaged with her weird poop hair, but seemed to have done well... Mai Ngo struggles with her new hair and really flunked this shoot by being too hard and looked like she was angry. 

Sang In is ill and gets taken to hospital, potentially unable to do her shoot. However, when she returns, she looks super edgy with her new look and rocked it, though I actually would've prefered all her photos to be black and white. It's not like she's going to keep the dye in her hair forever.

Gwen looks like 50 and a housewife... she needs to go home. Patricia looked fresh, had a wide range of poses, but might be a bit commercial. 

 Aldilla looks great in person actually with her new hair, though her photos are a bit bland tbh. May still looks pretty 'young' and 'sweet' in her photos, but looks good.

Julian actually looks quite good in her photos, though it seems like her hair is the stand out because it's got a life of its own in each one! Tuti does the same broken poses in every shoot it seems :/ They're good photos, wish she'd done more with the styling though- she mentioned mowhawk earlier... where is it!

At panel, the judges loved Tuti, Sang In, Aldilla, but Mai Ngo, Gwen were harshly critiqued.

In the end, first call out goes to...

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Bridget Jones's Baby Film Trailer Preview

The first trailer to the third Bridget Jones's movie, Bridget Jones's Baby, has been released.

12 years since the last movie, this film centres on Bridget as she enters her 40s, and gets pregnant, but who is the father? Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth returns, joined by Patrick Dempsey. 

We'll find out whether this movie will resonate with fans over a decade ago, or just another attempt for the film industry to reboot something.

Bridget Jones's Baby premieres in September. Check out the trailer below:

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Asia's Next Top Model 4 Episode 2 Recap

It's episode 2 of Asia's Next Top Model 4 and there's still a plenty 13 girls left. Mai Ngo surprisingly makes peace with the girls after last week's dramatic elimination. Time will tell whether this will last or if her giffable personality will come through again.

This week's pretty straightforward. A trampolining challenge followed by a jumping shoot. Angie, who had a gymnastics background soared through the challenge, whilst Jessica tried a bit too hard a sprained her ankle. After a visit to the hospital, she could not participate in the challenge and got a 0. Ouch.

At the photo shoot, the girls were catty that Jessica didn't have to do the trampolining, and instead got crutches and a wheelchair. Personally, modelling a wheelchair and crutches are far harder imo!

Angie, Mai Ngo and Julian impressed the judges, whilst Patricia, Gwen and Tugs did not. 

This week's photos...

In the end, the first call out goes to...


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