Sunday, 28 February 2016

'The Light Between Oceans' Film Trailer Preview

The tide of Alicia Vikander continues in 2016 with the upcoming release of 'The Light Between Oceans', adapted from the novel, which sees Vikander play the wife of a lighthouse keeper (Michael Fassbender). 

After a long struggle to conceive, the couple one day discover a baby adrift on a rowboat and believe it is the answer to their prayers, until they encounter the child's mother years later. Reluctant to give up the child, the couple's marriage goes into jeopardy.

The trailer looks to be another dramatic affair, with Vikander in yet another emotionally complex role (like 'The Danish Girl') and likely to gain her yet more Oscar buzz, but she can be seen in something slightly lighter over the summer in Bourne re-re-boot 'Jason Bourne'.

'The Light between Oceans' will be released this September. Check out the trailer below:



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