Sunday, 14 February 2016

'Deadpool' Film Review

In development hell since 2004, Deadpool took 12 years to reach our cinema screens and judging from the reviews and commercial success, looks to be a solid franchise for years to come. 

Ex-military Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) gains self-healing powers when he undergoes an experimental program to cure his terminal cancer, in order to be with his girlfriend Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). But when he is left scarred by administrator Ajax (Ed Skrein), Wade is determined to hunt him down for the cure as Deadpool.

Told with intersecting flash-backs, the movie, despite only taking place over a day or two and with a straightforward plot, feels rich and complex due to the character development and concise storytelling. The pacy progression is partly attributed to the stylish action sequences, interspersed with unreserved humour. 

By breaking the fourth wall, 'Deadpool' is self-aware, with jokes on other superheroes (predominantly Hugh Jackman's Wolverine), the film industry and modern day culture. This technique, though scarcely used, worked wonders both in the movie and the marketing of it.

Although I'm not a fan of violence or blood, the film's treatment of it was appropriately executed in a comedic, slightly over the top fashion that doesn't offend.

By relying not on high cost explosions and other effects, Deadpool's true success is in the simple yet creative plot delivery, witty script and a solid performance by Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds- Deadpool/ Wade Wilson
Morena Baccarin- Vanessa
Ed Skrein- Ajax/Francis

Also stars TJ Miller, Brianna Hildebrand, Stefan Kapicic and Gina Carano.

Reynolds' reprisal and reinvention of the character he played 7 years ago in X-Men Origins Wolverine is a strong dedication to the role which he has hung on to since the beginning. His performance is committed and unique, inevitably spawning iconic pop culture moments.

~~~OVERALL 9/10~~~
In 100 minutes, Deadpool's rule-breaking narrative, violence and unreserved humour redefines a genre bloated with formulaic apocalyptic plot lines, bank breaking explosive effects and the same A-list superheroes bombarding cinema screens each summer for the past decade. 

A simply refreshing 'Superhero' film, that is deeply human.

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