Thursday, 21 January 2016

'Spotlight' Film Review

Based on the true story of the unmasking of child molestation and cover-up that occurred within the Catholic Archdiocese by the Boston Globe, 'Spotlight' is a gripping and honest account of how its exposure rocked not only the Catholic Church but the reporters in the year long investigation.

The film's story arc was simple and straightforward but the Human aspect of the movie gave it an element of surprise. The dark and sensitive themes as well as the overhanging sense of injustice drove the storytelling. As an audience, you are asking the same questions the reporters are: how has it been covered up for so long?

As the movie progresses and the cover up grows in scale, the characters begin to have a personal connection to the story, with how and when the story is told having an impact on their lives. The urgency with which they need to act, yet needing to get the story right turns into a tension that lingers till the end.

Containing just a few pacier scenes, the movie's strength lies in the story rather than the storytelling, and performed by one great ensemble cast.

Michael Keaton- Robby
Mark Ruffalo- Mike
Rachel McAdams- Sacha
Stanley Tucci- Mitchell
Liev Schreiber- Marty

Also stars John Slattery and Brian d'Arcy James.

With Rachel McAdams and Mark Ruffalo nominated for Academy Awards, you'd expect the two to have pulled scene stealing performances. Not really so. The cast worked extraordinarily well together and I felt that noone really outshined the other (bar one Mark Ruffalo scene). The focus was on the story and the cast were the vessel to tell it.

~~~OVERALL 8/10~~~
As one of the most acclaimed movies of 2015, 'Spotlight' is a gripping thriller on investigative journalism that is unafraid to tackle the dark and sensitive themes, led by a strong ensemble cast that keeps the focus on the important true story.

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