Wednesday, 6 January 2016

'Burnt' Film Review

Having loved 2014's comedy 'Chef', I was eager to see 'Burnt' take the genre to a more dramatic level whilst still enticing us with drool-enducing food porn.

Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) destroyed his career in Paris with drink, drugs and an arrogant attitude. Determined to gain his third Michelin star, he travels to London to find the son of his dying mentor, Tony (Daniel Bruhl) and redeem himself. 

The simple premise and linear plot turns out to be just that, following a formulaic arc that is already ingrained into redemption storylines, seemingly carried by Cooper's performance and the plethora of cameo appearances from big names such as Uma Therman, Emma Thompson and rising star Alicia Vikander.

'Burnt' holds your attention throughout, but only just, as bumpy scene transitions and predictable outcomes squish any element of surprise. Nonetheless, the movie is a feast for the eyes as high end dishes slide past your gaze- don't see this with an empty stomach!


Bradley Cooper- Adam Jones
Sienna Miller- Helene
Daniel Bruhl- Tony
Emma Thompson- Dr Rosshilde
Alicia Vikander- Anne Marie
Uma Thurman- Simone Forth

Also stars Riccardo Scarmarcio, Omar Sy, Sam Keeley, Matthew Rhys, Lily James

Bradley Cooper successfully carries the movie alongside Sienna Miller, though perhaps overly dramatic at times and makes it more serious than it needs to be. 

The guest cameos seem like a blatant attempt to name drop and really doesn't add much to the film, though it was hugely pleasant to see a gorgeous Alicia Vikander grace the screen with such style in the 30 seconds that she appeared for.

~~~OVERALL 7/10~~~
'Burnt' is an above average movie with a great cast, only let down by the formulaic storyline that leaves you thinking- 'so what?'. The lack of meaningful impact renders this a forgettable movie, though the food presented was divine.

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