Friday, 15 January 2016

Birdy 'Beautiful Lies' Album Preview

Birdy announced the release of her new album 'Beautiful Lies' today. Having dropped her latest single 'Keeping Your Head Up' less than two weeks ago,the follow up to 'Fire Within' will see Birdy take on a more upbeat dance genre, whilst retaining her soulful voice.

Featuring titles including 'Shadow', 'Take My Heart' and 'Winter', I'm expecting huge melodies and dreamy lyrics.

The deluxe edition features 19 tracks including her acoustic version of hit 'Wings'.

1. Growing Pains

2. Shadow

3. Keeping Your Head Up

4. Deep End

5. Wild Horses

6. Lost It All

7. Silhouette

8. Lifted

9. Take My Heart

10. Hear You Calling

11. Words

12. Save Yourself

13. Unbroken

14. Beautiful Lies

15. Beating Heart

16. Winter

17. Give Up

18. Start Again

19. Wings (Acoustic)

'Beautiful Lies' will be released on March 23rd. Pre-order it here now.

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