Thursday, 31 December 2015

Taylor Swift 'Out of the Woods' Official Music Video

2015 was Taylor Swift's Year. Even Adele smashing her records cannot take away the fact that she fell in love, traveled the world on her world tour and has been nominated for 8 Grammys.

Ending the  year with a real BANG, Swift releases the video to 'Out of the Woods', presumably her last for '1989'. 

Taylor looks flawesome and dirty in the teaser image she released before tonight's premiere, which sees her bare herself in a woodland, mountain, sea, chased by wolves in what she calls one of her favourite tracks on the record, as it deals with the 'fragility' of relationships.

But beneath the CGI and Swift's dramatic expressions is a stunning metaphor through nature of her torrential relationship. 

The beginning of the video and metaphorically her relationship opens with a far-reaching expanse of the beach, you can see for miles... signifying peace and certainty, but as it progresses, she enters an uncertain woodland. 

It is at first still beautiful. High canopies, piercing rays of light, until she stumbles on brambles. She gets lost. There are so many directions this forest (and relationship) can take her. There are dangers, there are wolves. 

Maybe she gets scared, and she runs, but she only trips herself up. She might even get hurt. But she recovers, she gives it another chance, she believes. 

But as she enters new territories, new heights, time only passes for her to remember and question this relationship. And she jumps.

She realises this relationship can no longer continue and this causes great friction and destruction, and she's back to where she started, into the woods. But there's light at the end of the tunnel. The rain falls and washes all the dirt and pain away.

And in the end, she may have lost him, but she found herself, and somehow that was everything. Much like a forest fire, despite the destruction, spawns new life.

Check out the video below and additional screenshots after the jump:

Why not also check out her perfect performance of the song acoustically:

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