Tuesday, 8 December 2015

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 16 Recap (FINALE)

I know I'm mega late with this but had a super busy week and deadlines tomorrow so only just managed to catch up with the finale now- and wow that outcome! but before I get to that let's just talk about how much of a filler this episode was- dragging out the finale into two parts was just a bit much.

This episode we saw the final 4 get cut to the final two- one guy and one girl. They run through their Zappos shoot and their presentations.

Nyle's photos were not as good as Mikey's and his presentation was kind of boring. Mikey gives a heartfelt presentation, whilst Lacey's photos were killer, but lacklustre presentation. Mame's photos were average but her presentation was stronger. So... who is the final two?

I was pretty sure it was going to be Mikey and Lacey and then Nyle gets called. I'm like YES YES YES NYLE and just as I was thinking it would be the perfect Nyle/Lacey finale, Mame gets called HMM- definitely flipped it on its head.

It's now time for runway and they were some pretty outlandish clothing, apart from Hadassah's metal crystal outfit, Mame's feather outfit and some of the things Nyle wore. Can we just take a second to mourn how they gave Ava the worst outfit possible? Like, seriously... I have no words for that outfit.

Nyle's pace was off on runway given he couldn't hear any of the music and Mame killed it.

At panel, they compared their runway, their walk and their Zappos shoot and basically just praised them again for it, and then had to make a decision... 

I was quite torn at this point- Nyle has definitely been the stronger model of the two and he's my favourite this cycle but would they crown another guy? Surely an ethnic woman winning the last cycle of ANTM would seem to be the perfect finish? I don't mean this in an offensive way, but it was all about that black winner conspiracy in the early cycles and couldn't help but wonder if they would end it with a female.

Anyway, the time came... who will win Cycle 22 of ANTM??

And the winner is...

NYLE!!!! WOOOOP Rarely does my favourite ever win and I am super happy for him just hope his career doesn't disappear into oblivion like many past winners! #TEAMNYLE

So, that concludes ANTM as we know it so far.... we'll wait and see whether it gets picked up elsewhere... but until then, I'll be back with either the next Asia's or Australia's NTM...

For now check out my favourite contestants from each cycle here!

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