Sunday, 8 November 2015

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 13 Recap

The contestants need to create a panoramic selfie and a double exposure for a PR campaign that represents their brand. The winner will receive $2,500 seed money to start their entrepreneuring brand.

Mikey- Tocks:  tank tops and socks. Matches his personality and the panel loved his presentation. Products were kind of tacky but I guess with his 'artist' friends could work.

Devin- Emotions fragrance... he was a total joke and the photos he showed with Nyle, he was definitely outshined. What a mess of a presentation. And that logo is totally stealing from Tyra's eye thing.

Lacey- Small Town Girl surviving in the REAL world, book: kind of strange concept to be honest... not really selling herself as a brand at all :S

Nyle- SIGN THAT! With Nyle... They liked the idea but may be too costly to start

Mame- Goddess TRIBE... jewellery brand. She stumbled like crazy and definitely didn't represent 'goddess'. 

So I guess it's quite obvious who wins the challenge and that person is... Mikey. 

For the photo shoot this week, the contestants will be shooting in the dark... Nyle sabotage. smh.

Lacey struggles to begin with though her film looked good imo, Devin looks awful with those weird fabric things attached to him... Mikey does well, Nyle looks good but struggles to hit the mark at the right time... definitely sabotaged if he gets sent home. Mame looked great on film and looks like she will get a good shot. SOoo hoping Devin goes eeek..

At panel...

Lacey gets a dramatic shot, bit edgier than her normal photos.

Mame gets sabotaged, she did so much in her film and they pick this shot? It's strong, but I wish there was more drama that she showed in her film. 

Nyle gets a pretty pedestrian shot. :(

Mikey gets a great shot again, probably his best shoot to date.

Devin's shot is actually probably one of his better shots. Kelly doesn't like it so hopefully she scores him low enough to send him home because Nyle needs to stay!!!

In the end, first call out goes to...

Mikey followed by Mame and Lacey. In the bottom two is Nyle and Devin... and PHEW Devin is eliminated. 

Top Three: 
1. Nyle
2. Lacey

Next week the contestants shoot a mock cover for Nylon.

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