Sunday, 22 November 2015

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 15 Recap

So it's Guy against Guy, Girl against Girl in this penultimate episode EVER of America's Next Top Model. They all talk about their upbringing and response to last week's non-elimination. It's interesting also because the group is split in two: Nyle and Lacey, Mame and Mikey; but there can only be one guy and one girl!

The first photo shoot will be their Nylon cover (and spread?) that sees them 'break in' to a school and shoot with the pool. 

Mikey does a good job but struggles a little, Nyle had his interpreter removed which improved his performance. It seems really neck and neck between these two. Lacey seems to be killing it but some of her film looks a bit too sexy and not enough fashion. Mame does well in some, but Lacey steals her time when she picks up a bulldog haha! Lacey bringing it on!

Their next photo shoot is for Zappos Couture in an ad campaign, shooting at a motel. Lacey looks phenomenal in the styling and definitely outshined Mame. Nyle took better direction and Mikey started off rocky but they seemed to love him by the end... 

The models will also need to prepare a presentation as to why they should be America's Next Top Model and present to the judges... sob stories here we go! 

The final runway will be held at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and all the eliminated contestants return. Justin confronts Mame over what happened with her and Mikey. The mums return to give moral support, and Tyra announces its time for the cut... only for it to happen NEXT WEEK... bore! 

Tune in next week to find out who wins! #TeamNyle

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