Sunday, 15 November 2015

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 14 Recap

Been a busy week, so it's going to be a short recap this week. It's the final four and with just a few weeks to go, it really is neck and neck to who will become America's Next Top Model.

This week, the contestants shoot a mock Nylon cover and will be judged based on popularity from the public. The editing was insubstantial and looked as if they took a very small sample, though we also spotted that all the contestants' covers were on the stand, probably as a decoy. 

In the end, Nyle won the challenge (since the client from Nylon seemed to like him the most) even though Mikey's cover seems to fit the brand better.

For the photo shoot, Tyra invited her mother to be behind the camera, and a surprise for the contestants is the arrival of each of their mothers. But that's not all. The mothers will be in front of the camera with them.

Mame struggles to reconnect with her mother from Ghana who hasn't seen her in a couple of years. No negative feedback was given on set, just suggestions and demos from Tyra, probably to avoid offending said mums.

At panel...

Mame gets two good shots, I liked the first shot better than the second, just seemed a bit cheesy. It's a nice photo and portrait of them both, but not high fashion imo.

Nyle's photos were brilliant and his mother definitely did him a service, and showed some strong bond that transcends speech. FCO needed.

Lacey's shoots were ok. Lacey definitely looked good but the two shots seem a bit too samey and her mother's hair was really distracting.

Mikey- both shots are strong for him but his mother's lips just too pursed and she looks constantly pissed. Don't really like these photos.

So who will make it to the final three? First call out goes to...

MAME (WHATTTT) followed by Nyle. In the bottom two are Lacey and Mikey and seems like Lacey will be going home... but when it came down to it, it was a tie. Tyra announces that in such an event, the judges will be making the decision and sends Mikey home. Only to reveal it was a non-elimination. Which was rather predictable, no way were they going to send Mikey home and potentially did this so he could stay on and (win?) 

Sigh... that steal of a FCO from Nyle though... probably to balance it a bit more to make it seem more neck and neck.

One more announcement from Tyra, the final two will be one guy and one girl. EEK. They will go head to head to fight for that spot. Nyle VS Mikey, Mame VS Lacey. Seems kind of bad since the two girls are weaker than the two guys. A Nyle Mikey finale would be nail bitingly close. It seems as if whichever of the two guys gets through will win... but I personally would like a girl to win the final CW series of ANTM... hmm...


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