Sunday, 1 November 2015

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 12 Recap

Last week's recap was quite a bore. Let's hope this changes this week.

The contestants' are taken to Zappos Couture where they have fun in a ball pool, a gif of which has been sending fans crazy since its inception. For their challenge, they have to model salon style Zappos clothing, their audience of Zappos representatives then make changes to their looks digitally which they have to change backstage and re-walk again.

Lacey struggles with her first look. Nyle wows the representatives and looks like he could win the challenge. 

Hadassah asks Kelly some questions backstage about her performance only to get some blunt responses. I mean, it makes sense to question and ask with the intention of improving, but for her to say that she thought Lacey should have been at the bottom instead of her and to say the judges were wrong isn't exactly going to fare well. And Farewell is exactly what we may be saying to her this week. Her face was dead in her walk.

Mame does well despite her shoes not fitting. In the end, Mame wins the challenge and gets a Zappos look.

For this week's photo shoot, the craze is back and the couture gone as the contestants pose in 'Fierce-o-grams', a cropped image, panning out to a wild party scene, featuring Miss Jay.

Lacey struggles with her shoot or atleast its edited to make us think this, whilst Hadassah seems to be mixing it up and getting good feedback, though for all we know, she will go home :S 

Devin's styling is horrendous, and Mikey gets good feedback from Yu Tsai.

At panel...

Lacey got average feedback and smirks from Hadassah throughout. Her close up was weird, face a bit too square. Not a fan of her photo this week.

Mikey got great feedback from the judges and got a cool shot

Hadassah gets a good shot but is critiqued for being stiff and not giving variety. Her talking back is NOT helping her. Kelly actually said she looked pretty in the face which is surprising.

Nyle gets an average shot, things missing here and there.... don't slip up now!

Devin's photo is possibly the worst and I sincerely hope he finally goes... he's definitely outstayed his welcome.

Mame gets a good shot.

So who makes it to Top 5? First call out goes to...

Mame (really!) followed by Mikey and Devin. In the bottom two is Lacey and Hadassah with Hadassah obviously going home :( This cycle is getting so predictable :(

Top Three:
1. Nyle
2. Lacey

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