Sunday, 11 October 2015

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 10 Recap

So last week, Dustin comes back into the competition, but who's place will he take? Will it be Justin or Devin? I really hope it's Devin... but from the previous episode, it was pretty clear it would be Justin :( Now let's see how Mame fares during the rest of the competition in VEGAS!

The contestants arrive in Vegas and gets a VIP pool party with special guest Don Benjamin from cycle 20... only that this is their challenge, where they have to pose mid air as they jump into the pool. Gimmick challenge. smh. 

Mame gets a good shot, as does Dustin. Hadassah struggles with her dress but they liked her 'take off' shot.
In the end, the winner of a spa treatment is Mame. 

Instead of a photo shoot, this week the models will be taking part in a music video for Tyra Beauty's theme song 'Bootiful'... wow... with lyrics like 'walk the hallway like a runway' on repeat... is this going to be the cringe episode? 

Dustin struggles with the lines as he's too busy flirting with the extras. Will he end up going home... again? 

The second day of the video shoot sees them wear elaborate couture in a club/bar scene, where Hadassah struggles to kiss Mikey and own her shots convincingly. Despite her annoyance at Dustin for coming back, it seems like she maybe at risk going home!

At panel...

Better on the corridor shot than her runway shot. Average. Her talking back at Kelly cements her to average call out this week.

The judges loved his shots. Preferred his hallway shots better than his club shots.

Surprisingly the video works to his advantage and he did well in both sequences.

Critiqued for lacking model in the film and weak walk. 

Critiqued for being soft and too proper in her video. Might be going home!!

Risk of going home. Average film, but was it as average as Haddasah's?

Got great critique from the judges but the low challenge score may hurt his ranking this week.

So first call out goes to...

Mikey, followed by Devin and Lacey. In the bottom two, are Haddasah and Dustin. In the end, Dustin goes home. Phew!! I guess it was obvious since Tyra punishes those who don't take her Tyisms seriously.

Top Three:
1. Nyle
2. Lacey
3. Hadassah

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