Sunday, 4 October 2015

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 9 Recap

The contestants get taken to NEXT for their Go-See Challenge. They get paired up... with the eliminated contestants!!! D: The eliminated contestant with the highest score this week will return! They have three hours to go to 4 go-sees! The pairs are:

Justin- Dustin
Haddasah- Ava
Mame- Courtney
Devin- Bello

Haddasah and Ava beats Devin and Bello to a go-see which pisses them off and they decide to go to the next one. Haddasah does well at her go-sees. Delanie leaves her bag at her go-see and her book in the car, wasting Nyle's valuable time! Mame and Courtney were late so were disqualified from the challenge. 

Mikey 3/3
Nyle 3/3
Haddasah 3/4
Stefano 2/3
Justin 3/4
Dustin 3/4
Devin 1/3
Bello 0/3
Mame 4/4
Ava 1/4

In the end, the challenge winner is Haddasah. I want to know how many Lacey, Courtney and Delanie booked!! 

For their photo shoot this week, the contestants' with pose with lookalike dogs. Hadassah does well, as does Nyle and Dustin! Justin, Delanie and Ava struggle. Love how Devin got an ugly dog loool.

Hadassah got a nice photo and the judges liked it.

Devin gets mixed comments- 

Mikey gets an average photo, but same face.

Lacey looks short in her photo but very at one with her dog.

Mame looks awkward in her photo.

Justin's got dead face. bye bye Justin.

Nyle has a great shot- loved by all judges :)

Ashley average, Stefano average- no hope of coming back!

Dustin gets a good shot, as does Courtney and Ava. Bello also gets a good shot, well atleast one that the judges liked.

So who will get eliminated and who will return!?

Between Dustin and Stefano... Dustin comes BACK!! But who's place will he take? 

First call out goes to...

Nyle followed by Haddasah and Lacey. In the bottom two are Devin and Justin, but we'll find out who stays next week, when they go to Las Vegas... for their international destination? :S

Top Three:
1. Nyle
2. Lacey
3. Haddasah.

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