Thursday, 3 September 2015

Self/Less Film Review

With the help of Dr. Albright (Matthew Goode), dying real estate mogul Damian (Ben Kingsley) fakes his own death and transfers his consciousness to a new  younger body in a black market procedure called shedding.

Waking up with a new spring to life and another 50 years ahead of him, young Damian (Ryan Ryenolds) makes the most of his new found youth, but soon discovers there may be a greater cost to his second chance at life.

With a pacy start, Self/Less was set to promise on being one spectacular sci-fi thriller. Unfortunately, the moment Damian discovers the truth and starts running, it falls into the trap of being formulaic and predictable. Almost every twist and turn that the movie presented could have been guessed well in advance.

Visually, the film gives off a low budget vibe, starting with decadence, which erodes into a washed out palette. The pill-popping party sequence was the most visually stimulating element throughout and unfortunately the finale warehouse scene missed a trick visually with the translucent plastic sheeting, which could have become a stylistic finish.

Ben Kingsley- Damian
Ryan Reynolds- New Damian
Matthew Goode- Dr. Albright

Also stars Victor Garber, Natalie Martinez and Michelle Dockery.

~~~OVERALL 6.5/10~~~
'Self/Less' had huge potential in its initial premise, but failed to live up to its full potential. Though enjoyable, the formulaic and predictable progression of the plot lacked any real complexity, shoving a lot of the more intriguing themes and questions under the carpet.

Give this a watch, but other films in the genre may be more deserving of your time. Try 'Total Recall', 'Source Code' and 'The Island'.

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