Friday, 25 September 2015

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 8 Recap

The contestants' first challenge is to go to a school for a STEM challenge, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics... making a PSA vine in groups of three.

Mame, Haddasah, Mikey: Respect

Bello, Courtney, Devin: Power

Lacey, Justin, Nyle: Money

Team Power struggles when Bello deletes their previous video and have to reshoot, and it was a mess in the end. Team Money has a strong video, relaying the message well and they all looked really good, whilst Team Respect takes the funny route and wins it, since that Vine lady likes them the most.

It's Devin's birthday and they all celebrate, but Devin taking Nyle's phone for selfies upset him.

For their photo shoot this week, the contestants' will be modelling as life sized dolls, shot again by Eric Asla *yawn*

Lacey does well, as does Hadassah and Nyle, but Courtney, Devin and Bello struggle. 


At panel, Nyle looked great, body looked great... :)

Justin did well, though didn't like his shot as much, kind of just meh.

Courtney had great styling for her shoot but she didn't work well
Mikey was critiqued for not having enough variety of photos to choose from.

Hadassah I think has greatly improved but had a bit too much of a wide eye cartoon face. 

The judges loved Lacey's photo- though she looked a little too fake in this I think... kind of lose all of Lacey.

Devin - don't like him don't like his shot- needs to go home.

Mame gets average feedback- her photo was meh. 

In the end, first call out goes to...

Lacey followed by Nyle and Justin. In the bottom three are Devin, Bello and Courtney, and in the end, Devin stays. BOOOOO.

Top Three:
1. Nyle
2. Lacey
3. Hadassah

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