Thursday, 17 September 2015

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 7 Recap

Nyle wins best photo last week and gets a sign and dine meal with his fellow contestants.

For the acting challenge, the models are taken to the CW again like last cycle to perform a romantic scene, with a chance to win a small role on an upcoming show. 

Nyle + Lacey

Mame + Justin

Hadassah + Bello

Devin + Ashley

Mikey + Courtney

Most of them really sucked on this acting challenge, apart from standouts Nyle and Lacey. Mame I think did well too, but the others had no personality and were totally one dimensional. In the end, Lacey wins the challenge.

They finally have Nyle's dine and sign dinner, and his high school girlfriend and best friend visits him and they have a sign language lesson before they eat. This is probably one of the cutest most genuine things so far this cycle and really made the other contestants understand more about how Nyle feels in the house. Plus, we all learnt a bit of sign language, right?

Instead of a photo shoot this week, it will be a sexy commercial, shot by Eric Asla.

Lacey + Devin
Devin doesn't have the body for this sort of thing and his face doesn't work... think Lacey looks great, but he's going to bring her down.

Their final commercial was good visually, but Devin ruined it. 

Ashley + Nyle
Nyle looks fantastic and this type of commercial is made for him. Ashley looks reserved but they look good together.

Their chemistry was lacking and Ashley was a mess. Nyle looked great, but I think she brought him down.

Courtney + Bello
Struggled to begin with but looked like they had some good shots in the end.

The judges loved Bello, who I think is overrated. Some nice shots, but didn't work overall, not them together. Courtney looked great in a shot or two, but her voice ruined it.

Mame + Mikey
Mame looked great and gave a range of shots. They got really into it which annoyed Justin.

A really strong commercial overall. 

Justin + Haddasah
Justin really went for it with Haddasah as retaliation, and they looked good together.

Haddasah looked great, but like the judges said, was an accessory to Justin.

In the end, first call out goes to...

Lacey, followed by Mame and Nyle. In the bottom two are Ashley and Devin (probably Ashley but I really hope it's Devin!!)... and ultimately, Ashley goes... so what happens to DMA now!? haha... let's see how Mikey reacts next week and if her going will bring him down... 

Next week, the contestants do a STEM commercial and pose as dolls? Looks like a high fashion shoot which is good...

Top Three:
1. Nyle
2. Lacey
3. Haddasah

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