Friday, 11 September 2015

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 6 Recap

I'm not liking the editing so far ... Lacey shares the Tyra Suite with Nyle and they talk about his deafness and how he is still 'middle of the pack'... he's definitely NOT getting best photo this week, so I'm scared he'll be going home :S

The contestants' first challenge is to come up with an ad campaign for SimpleBe, with special guest Whiteney Thompson... cycle 10 winner.

Ashley + Ava
SimplyBe Fearless
What can you do that's fearless when the directive is New York shopping street? Hmm... Ava looked stunning imo.

Courtney + Devin
SimplyBe Unique
Devin went crazy with this and Courtney showed no personality. Whitney I think was just confused.

Mikey + Bello + Mame
SimplyBe Seductive
Of course Kelly knows of the relationships in the house and making Mame kiss Mikey was definitely a ploy to stir up more drama... you could see it from a mile away. Justin lets it get to him... we're yet to see what Ashley thinks, but I'm sure there will be more drama back at the house!

Haddasah + Lacey
SimplyBe Sassy
Lacey looked great, but wasn't really sassy.

Justin + Nyle
SimplyBe Heard
Nyle is definitely putting himself out there on that personality comment and you can see Kelly responding positively to it... let's hope it works!

In the end, the winner of the challenge is Nyle (Woop woop)!! And now this editing makes it seem like Ava might go home :( :( More Oppo product placement.

For this week's photo shoot, the models will be doing an editorial shoot with a possessed theme. It actually works, but some of their photos are a bit crazy.

Nyle gets great feedback on set (FCO?) as do Mame... Ava and Haddasah struggle... 

At panel...

Lacey gets good feedback with minor critique about face. 

Justin is critiqued for his samey face, but good body positioning.

Courtney is hit and miss with her doll-like awkward shot.

Haddasah's shot was so beautiful... and soft, yet eerie- I loved it when I first saw it, and I'm actually growing to really like her because even though she is a bit abrasive, she isn't as petty, she just fights for what she believes to be true and in most cases so far, she has been the one with more social sense, even if the way she presents herself might not come across that way... LOL at Mame's shade face.

The judges loved Nyle's picture... I mean, I personally don't like the amputee arm and the wide spread legs are a bit too much... but if it gets him a high score, then great ! :P

Bello actually looks possessed in his shot and lost all the fashion.

Mame looked good but average shot imo.

Devin gets good feedback... body good, I just can't get on board with his face.

Ava gets bad feedback and I have a feeling she's gone :( NO so sad, she's like the few truly likeable ones this cycle.

Mikey gets average feedback...

In the end, first call out goes to...

NYLE!!!! Followed by Lacey and Mame (WHAT... Haddasah (4th)>MAME!!)... In the bottom are Ava and Courtney... ooh I really hope Ava stays, but Courtney has the better look ... and ultimately, Ava goes :'( I'm going to really miss her...!

Top Three:
1. Nyle
2. Lacey
3. Haddasah 

Next week has an acting challenge and for the photo, of course Mikey and Mame get close again.

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