Thursday, 3 September 2015

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 5 Recap

So Ava won best photo last week and gets the Tyra Suite which seems to be the reason she (and Lacey?) seem oblivious to the drama happening elsewhere in the house, where heartbroken Courtney "rests" outside, only to be rescued by the others fearing for her health.

Later, Mikey and Ashley's late night romp infuriates Bello, sleping adjacent to them and sparks a shouting war, edging on to another act of violence (last cycle's Romeo was eliminated this way). All this cements DMA (Devin, Mikey, Ashley) as Top Model's first 'Mean Girls' model gang.

The contestants' first challenge is to shoot their model own comp card using their Oppo phones and have a limited time for retouching, and having to know what shots to pick and what to retouch.

In the end, Mikey wins the challenge and appropriately gets a romantic dinner . . . but picks Devin instead of Ashley! ! ! 

More drama unfolds back at the house when slightly drunk Mikey and Devin throws shade at Ava's photo, and Courtney tells Ava, who then confronts Mikey. And then they all bitch about Courtney as she cries in the shower. *sigh*

For this week's photoshoot, the photoshoot will not be retouched, with a sort of athletic sci fi feel to the styling. Eric Asla is the photographer AGAIN- seriously, is their budget that low?

Mikey, Mame and Lacey do well, but Justin and Courtney struggle. Nyle again does average, he needs to improve, quick!!

At panel...

Mame gets full marks from the judges, bar some critique here or there. I really like her shot, the best I've seen of her I think, but yes, could be slightly more exaggerated.

Nyle gets average feedback and 'same face' no personality comment that has sent many great contestants home in the past. WORK on that tension! :)

Lacey gets great feedback and again probably the best shot of her so far. Hope she gets FCO.

Justin doesn't get great feedback. Didn't think his shot was that bad, but a bit flat. 

Hadassah's face is bad, Dustin loses neck and looks super tiny...

Devin gets great feedback- Tyfavouritism alert- probably already secured his Top 3 spot :( 

Ashley gets ok feedback after a 10 word or so Ty-ism.

Courtney gets a good photo surprisingly so does Ava, despite what the editing may have you think. I think Ava's shot is actually one of my favourites this week! :P Vying for FCO!

Bello gets good feedback and his photo is ok. Still don't get the rave about him.

Mikey gets a good shot but is called on for being too safe.

So who stays and who goes? First call out goes to...

Lacey (YES) followed by Mame and Devin. In the bottom two are Dustin and Hadassah (as expected) and in the end Dustin goes home. AVA was called sooo low . . . seriously Bello and Nyle over her?? (love Nyle but seriously she got a 9 in the challenge and her photo was stunning) :S 

And also more drama is stirred next week between Mame and (Hadassah?) in the shower... tune in next week !

Top Three:
1. Nyle
2. Ava
3. Lacey/Justin

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