Friday, 25 September 2015

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 8 Recap

The contestants' first challenge is to go to a school for a STEM challenge, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics... making a PSA vine in groups of three.

Mame, Haddasah, Mikey: Respect

Bello, Courtney, Devin: Power

Lacey, Justin, Nyle: Money

Team Power struggles when Bello deletes their previous video and have to reshoot, and it was a mess in the end. Team Money has a strong video, relaying the message well and they all looked really good, whilst Team Respect takes the funny route and wins it, since that Vine lady likes them the most.

It's Devin's birthday and they all celebrate, but Devin taking Nyle's phone for selfies upset him.

For their photo shoot this week, the contestants' will be modelling as life sized dolls, shot again by Eric Asla *yawn*

Lacey does well, as does Hadassah and Nyle, but Courtney, Devin and Bello struggle. 


At panel, Nyle looked great, body looked great... :)

Justin did well, though didn't like his shot as much, kind of just meh.

Courtney had great styling for her shoot but she didn't work well
Mikey was critiqued for not having enough variety of photos to choose from.

Hadassah I think has greatly improved but had a bit too much of a wide eye cartoon face. 

The judges loved Lacey's photo- though she looked a little too fake in this I think... kind of lose all of Lacey.

Devin - don't like him don't like his shot- needs to go home.

Mame gets average feedback- her photo was meh. 

In the end, first call out goes to...

Thursday, 17 September 2015

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 7 Recap

Nyle wins best photo last week and gets a sign and dine meal with his fellow contestants.

For the acting challenge, the models are taken to the CW again like last cycle to perform a romantic scene, with a chance to win a small role on an upcoming show. 

Nyle + Lacey

Mame + Justin

Hadassah + Bello

Devin + Ashley

Mikey + Courtney

Most of them really sucked on this acting challenge, apart from standouts Nyle and Lacey. Mame I think did well too, but the others had no personality and were totally one dimensional. In the end, Lacey wins the challenge.

They finally have Nyle's dine and sign dinner, and his high school girlfriend and best friend visits him and they have a sign language lesson before they eat. This is probably one of the cutest most genuine things so far this cycle and really made the other contestants understand more about how Nyle feels in the house. Plus, we all learnt a bit of sign language, right?

Instead of a photo shoot this week, it will be a sexy commercial, shot by Eric Asla.

Lacey + Devin
Devin doesn't have the body for this sort of thing and his face doesn't work... think Lacey looks great, but he's going to bring her down.

Their final commercial was good visually, but Devin ruined it. 

Ashley + Nyle
Nyle looks fantastic and this type of commercial is made for him. Ashley looks reserved but they look good together.

Their chemistry was lacking and Ashley was a mess. Nyle looked great, but I think she brought him down.

Courtney + Bello
Struggled to begin with but looked like they had some good shots in the end.

The judges loved Bello, who I think is overrated. Some nice shots, but didn't work overall, not them together. Courtney looked great in a shot or two, but her voice ruined it.

Mame + Mikey
Mame looked great and gave a range of shots. They got really into it which annoyed Justin.

A really strong commercial overall. 

Justin + Haddasah
Justin really went for it with Haddasah as retaliation, and they looked good together.

Haddasah looked great, but like the judges said, was an accessory to Justin.

In the end, first call out goes to...

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Heartbeat in Covent Garden by Charles Petillon

I went to check out Charles Petillon's 'Heartbeat' installation in Covent Garden last week, and wow, did this globulous collection of balloons captivate me and everyone around me. 100,000 white balloons of varying sizes are suspended from a steel frame structure and lighting mechanisms pulsate regularly, reflecting the life and vibrancy of the district.

On my visit, I already noticed that several of the balloons had started to deflate and already a surge of sadness crept up on me, knowing that one day this beautiful sculpture will no longer be there, yet the impermanence of the piece is part of the wonder. 

Until 27th September.

Check out more images below:

The Serpentine Pavilion 2015 by selgascano

I recently visited the Serpentine pavilion, this year by Spanish architects selgascano. In recent years, I found the pavilion to be hit and miss, and was quite surprised by this year's playful form. As I went on an overcast day, it was quite pleasant wandering almost endlessly around the tunnels and enclosed spaces, but one can only imagine what it must be like to be incubated in those spaces.

The forms and structures, and mishmash of materials worked aesthetically, constantly drawing your eye, constantly finding some new angle you hadn't seen before. I must have walked around at least three times to really see and notice the details. 

And the details, though could be critiqued for being 'shabby' on close inspection, reveals an element of hand craft and a personal touch, which is a strong reminder of the need to be more tactile in design as opposed to the fabricated and manufactured trajectory of construction.

I came on a quiet day, but could still witness a high level of interaction and awe with the design, surely making this one of the more successful pavilions in recent years.

Check out more images below:

Friday, 11 September 2015

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 6 Recap

I'm not liking the editing so far ... Lacey shares the Tyra Suite with Nyle and they talk about his deafness and how he is still 'middle of the pack'... he's definitely NOT getting best photo this week, so I'm scared he'll be going home :S

The contestants' first challenge is to come up with an ad campaign for SimpleBe, with special guest Whiteney Thompson... cycle 10 winner.

Ashley + Ava
SimplyBe Fearless
What can you do that's fearless when the directive is New York shopping street? Hmm... Ava looked stunning imo.

Courtney + Devin
SimplyBe Unique
Devin went crazy with this and Courtney showed no personality. Whitney I think was just confused.

Mikey + Bello + Mame
SimplyBe Seductive
Of course Kelly knows of the relationships in the house and making Mame kiss Mikey was definitely a ploy to stir up more drama... you could see it from a mile away. Justin lets it get to him... we're yet to see what Ashley thinks, but I'm sure there will be more drama back at the house!

Haddasah + Lacey
SimplyBe Sassy
Lacey looked great, but wasn't really sassy.

Justin + Nyle
SimplyBe Heard
Nyle is definitely putting himself out there on that personality comment and you can see Kelly responding positively to it... let's hope it works!

In the end, the winner of the challenge is Nyle (Woop woop)!! And now this editing makes it seem like Ava might go home :( :( More Oppo product placement.

For this week's photo shoot, the models will be doing an editorial shoot with a possessed theme. It actually works, but some of their photos are a bit crazy.

Nyle gets great feedback on set (FCO?) as do Mame... Ava and Haddasah struggle... 

At panel...

Lacey gets good feedback with minor critique about face. 

Justin is critiqued for his samey face, but good body positioning.

Courtney is hit and miss with her doll-like awkward shot.

Haddasah's shot was so beautiful... and soft, yet eerie- I loved it when I first saw it, and I'm actually growing to really like her because even though she is a bit abrasive, she isn't as petty, she just fights for what she believes to be true and in most cases so far, she has been the one with more social sense, even if the way she presents herself might not come across that way... LOL at Mame's shade face.

The judges loved Nyle's picture... I mean, I personally don't like the amputee arm and the wide spread legs are a bit too much... but if it gets him a high score, then great ! :P

Bello actually looks possessed in his shot and lost all the fashion.

Mame looked good but average shot imo.

Devin gets good feedback... body good, I just can't get on board with his face.

Ava gets bad feedback and I have a feeling she's gone :( NO so sad, she's like the few truly likeable ones this cycle.

Mikey gets average feedback...

In the end, first call out goes to...

Thursday, 10 September 2015

'Our Brand Is Crisis' Film Trailer Preview

It's been two years since Sandra Bullock wowed us with 'Gravity' and it looks like she's set to do the same with this upcoming political dramedy 'Our Brand is Crisis'. 

With a tone and humour similar to 'The Blind Side', this looks like a very serious film but yet totally watchable, and I'm truly very excited for it.

Also stars Anthony Mackie and Billy Bob Thornton.

The film will be out this October in time for Awards season. Check out the trailer below:

'Demolition' Film Trailer Preview

Jake Gyllenhaal's spree of great roles does not look like it's about to stop (bar 'Accidental Love') with upcoming 'Demolition'.

From the people behind, 'Wild' and 'Dallas Buyers Club', Gyllenhaal plays Davis, a man who finds himself after the death of his wife. Set to be another character piece, let's see if this gets the awards traction it is heading for.

Released in April next year. Also stars Naomi Watts and Chris Cooper.

Check out the trailer below:

Monday, 7 September 2015

Nyle Dimarco by Tony Veloz for The Fashionisto

Nyle Dimarco, one of ANTM Cycle 22's hot favourites, features in a shoot by Tony Veloz. The deaf model has become a lovable representative of the deaf community and often highlights the strengths and struggles of being deaf on the show.

Whilst yet to get a first call out on the show, Nyle is tipped to go far and as you can see from these images, has loads of potential.

Check out the rest of the images below:

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Self/Less Film Review

With the help of Dr. Albright (Matthew Goode), dying real estate mogul Damian (Ben Kingsley) fakes his own death and transfers his consciousness to a new  younger body in a black market procedure called shedding.

Waking up with a new spring to life and another 50 years ahead of him, young Damian (Ryan Ryenolds) makes the most of his new found youth, but soon discovers there may be a greater cost to his second chance at life.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 5 Recap

So Ava won best photo last week and gets the Tyra Suite which seems to be the reason she (and Lacey?) seem oblivious to the drama happening elsewhere in the house, where heartbroken Courtney "rests" outside, only to be rescued by the others fearing for her health.

Later, Mikey and Ashley's late night romp infuriates Bello, sleping adjacent to them and sparks a shouting war, edging on to another act of violence (last cycle's Romeo was eliminated this way). All this cements DMA (Devin, Mikey, Ashley) as Top Model's first 'Mean Girls' model gang.

The contestants' first challenge is to shoot their model own comp card using their Oppo phones and have a limited time for retouching, and having to know what shots to pick and what to retouch.

In the end, Mikey wins the challenge and appropriately gets a romantic dinner . . . but picks Devin instead of Ashley! ! ! 

More drama unfolds back at the house when slightly drunk Mikey and Devin throws shade at Ava's photo, and Courtney tells Ava, who then confronts Mikey. And then they all bitch about Courtney as she cries in the shower. *sigh*

For this week's photoshoot, the photoshoot will not be retouched, with a sort of athletic sci fi feel to the styling. Eric Asla is the photographer AGAIN- seriously, is their budget that low?

Mikey, Mame and Lacey do well, but Justin and Courtney struggle. Nyle again does average, he needs to improve, quick!!

At panel...

Mame gets full marks from the judges, bar some critique here or there. I really like her shot, the best I've seen of her I think, but yes, could be slightly more exaggerated.

Nyle gets average feedback and 'same face' no personality comment that has sent many great contestants home in the past. WORK on that tension! :)

Lacey gets great feedback and again probably the best shot of her so far. Hope she gets FCO.

Justin doesn't get great feedback. Didn't think his shot was that bad, but a bit flat. 

Hadassah's face is bad, Dustin loses neck and looks super tiny...

Devin gets great feedback- Tyfavouritism alert- probably already secured his Top 3 spot :( 

Ashley gets ok feedback after a 10 word or so Ty-ism.

Courtney gets a good photo surprisingly so does Ava, despite what the editing may have you think. I think Ava's shot is actually one of my favourites this week! :P Vying for FCO!

Bello gets good feedback and his photo is ok. Still don't get the rave about him.

Mikey gets a good shot but is called on for being too safe.

So who stays and who goes? First call out goes to...


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