Friday, 28 August 2015

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 4 Recap

Following on from last week, drama fills this cycle; starting with a fight between Devin (of course) and Hadassah. Hadassah is so gifable from just five minutes this episode, I' definitely liking her more, and Devin just has to go. I cannot stand him anymore.

Cycle 22's intro is really kind of whacky, but if we have to endure this every episode, at least we get to see Nyle rocking those bracers. 

Oh, and Mikey's moved on from Courtney to Ashley- taking bubble baths together now- just like that. Douche.

The contestants were taken to their photo shoot this week which has a military theme, shooting with real war veterans, Alex and Melissa.

It seems a mess of a shoot, despite what could have been quite a high end brief. The styling seems really wrong and they all look bad on set. But Mame I thought actually brought something different, as did Mikey, Justin and Nyle. 

They also get makeovers this week (which seems quite early to be honest) since there are still so many of them... Hadassah gets her nightmare makeover of a shaved side, whilst Devin gets his head shaved, Stefano gets highlights and a floppy fringe, Ava gets a mullet (which I thought would be horrible but actually looks quite good)... the rest are sort of average makeovers...

Ava actually kind of reminds me of a girl that would have participated ANTM in the earlier cycles... she kind of looks a bit like a Cassandra (C5).

Best makeover goes to Lacey- she looks great with her new hair! 

At panel, the judges loved Ava's shot given her exaggerated pose, and also Nyle (with a stronger face), Justin and Bello. I didn't get Bello- thought he was rather disconnected.

Courtney's makeover was pretty good, but I didn't like her photo just a really awkward pose, and so was Hadassah's, like she was just falling and her face was a shock. Poor Dustin just doesn't know how to use his boy next door face :P IMPROVE, QUICKLY, PLEASE.

Mame was stunning on set, and I actually loved her shot. The composition was great, if only she extended a bit more leg or torso for length. I think her shot definitely the most editorial. For the guys, Mikey definitely pulled off the best shot.

Ava looked great, but I just didn't quite get her pose, like it doesn't look natural at all... it's exaggerated but feels forced, like she's an alter ego or a parasite. . . and Devin... what is up with his pose... which he named the 'bird of paradise' cringe. Nyle's shot was great, just lacked some face and his flinging hand was somewhat awkward, otherwise great shot.

First call out goes to...

Ava, followed by Mikey and Bello. In the bottom two are Hadassah and Stefano. In the end, Stefano goes home (probably because he's a bit of a loner), whilst Hadassah can create more drama and be more entertaining. Hmm... I think he has much more potential than he's portraying on the show but he's not shown it yet :/

Top Three:
1. Nyle
2. Ava
3. Justin/Lacey

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