Tuesday, 28 July 2015

'Hot Pursuit' Film Review

Uptight and 'by the book' cop Cooper (Reese Witherspoon) is tasked with escorting the widow of a drug boss, Daniella Riva (Sofia Vergara), who is a key witness in the prosecution of a drug ring leader, only to find themselves being chased by corrupt cops and drug ring minions. As they begin to rely on each other for their protection, things begin to unravel.

At under an hour and a half, 'Hot Pursuit' is a pacy film that gets going extremely quickly, wasting no time pairing the two star leads Witherspoon and Vergara as they set off on their dangerous and compelling adventure. Both characters play their roles well and the chemistry between the two is believable, but of the two, Vergara shines as the sassy and curvy diva (now where have we seen her play one before)? 

The humour comprises of sexual innuendo, slap stick as well as a running joke on the reported height of Cooper ever decreasing whilst Riva's age rockets. I found myself laughing out loud throughout and found it to be lighthearted, without being too sleazy, as is often seen in comedies nowadays.

Unfortunately, the poor plot and lacking script let this movie down. The fantastic pairing of Witherspoon and Vergara could easily have spawned a true hit comedy. 

~~~OVERALL 7.5/10~~~
Despite the extremely poor reviews, I actually enjoyed this movie and found it rather funny. Yes, it could have been miles better, but it was lighthearted and didn't take itself too seriously. For a brainless bit of fun, check this out.

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