Saturday, 18 July 2015

APP: Spryfox's 'Alphabears' Word Game a surprise hit (Review)

Spryfox has done it again. The creators of the super cute and hugely underrated 'Triple Town' has created an addictive game that marries its signature adorable aesthetic with a simple word game, that has become a surprise hit just one week after launch.

'Alphabears' is a simple pick up and play game which challenges you to spell words with letters on a grid, unlocking tiles which allow your bears to grow. The larger the bears, the higher the bonuses at the end. A twist is that there is a time limit on the letters, so you must use them before they turn to stone, blocking the growth of your bears.

Multiple game modes offer a variety of challenges, whether it is a time trial or a boss battle but just like Triple Town, the draw to this game are the collectible bears. With 67 different bears available at launch, each one offering a different ability to change the game up, it adds longevity to the otherwise basic game play.

A nice addition is that at the end of each level, the bears will come up with a ridiculous saying using the words that you have spelt in the round. 

Spryfox's bear character will inevitably become it's mascot for future games and I expect an ever growing following.

Overall Score 3.5/5
'Alphabears' triumphs on its cute graphics and lovable characters, but game play is ultimately repetitive, the draw for coming back is the desire to complete the bear collection and the challenging boss battles. I await to see how future updates will keep the game fresh, but for now, it's heavily relying on style over substance.

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