Saturday, 25 April 2015

Avril Lavigne 'Fly' Official Music Video (for Special Olympics)

After about a year of silence, Avril Lavigne has recently opened up about her battle with Lyme disease and her latest project, which is her song for the Special Olympics.

Written several years ago but was never released on her prior two albums, 'Fly' was stripped back and reworked for the charity single, which has already surpassed 1 million hits on YouTube. 

Will the Canadian singer's next album follow in the likes of 'Fly' or her 'Hello Kitty' debacle? Only time will tell.

Check out the video below:

Taylor Swift in Glamour Magazine (June 2015)

Shot by Damon Baker, Taylor Swift covers the June edition of GLAMOUR Magazine ahead of her 1989 World Tour, in which she talks about her first pop album and the media on her love life.

Check out the rest of the spread below:

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Life Is Strange (PC) Review

I stumbled across this game the other day and after watching the trailer, I was hooked to getting it. Putting it off for a couple of days since I had a house move this coming week, I eventually gave in and bought the game, and it is SO SO GOOD.

You are Max, an 18 year old returning to her hometown after five years and after a vision, mysteriously has the ability to turn back time. Which sounds amazing for misfit Max, who often makes conversational blunders. Rewind. Start again. Make the right choices.

Studying at Blackwell Academy, the everyday norms and cliches of American high school life is evident- the popular clique, jocks, nerds, the bad influence best friend, teasing, crushes and just trying to do well in your class! An added layer of plot complexity is missing girl called Rachel Amber. Her posters are plastered all over the school and you can't help but question what happened to her as you speak to the different characters. 

But Life is Strange doesn't stop there. Max's visions predict an apocalyptic future for the town in just 4 days, with each episode (5 in all) representing these days leading up to the disaster.


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