Sunday, 1 March 2015

Kelly Clarkson 'Piece by Piece' Deluxe Album Review

Kelly Clarkson's seventh studio album, Piece by Piece, sees Clarkson releasing pop music once again since her previous Christmas album 'Wrapped In Red', released two years ago. With the birth of her daughter River Rose, the American singer has even more inspiration to draw from, if only she wrote half of the songs! Nonetheless, the album is a solid offering from the princess of shouty pop.


1. Heartbeat Song
2. Invincible
3. Someone
4. Take You High
5. Piece by Piece
6. Run Run Run ft. John Legend
7. I Had A Dream
8. Let Your Tears Fall 
9. Tight Rope
10. War Paint
11. Dance With Me
12. Nostalgic
13. Good Goes The Bye

14. Bad Reputation
15. In the Blue
16. Second Wind

SONGS TO LOVE: 'Invincible', 'Someone', 'Piece by Piece', 'Into the Blue'
SONGS TO SKIP: (Take You High) but can grow to like

Lead single 'Heartbeat Song' opens the album and features a classic Clarkson hook and powerful vocals, flowing smoothly into 'Invincible', one of my favourite tracks on the record. Written by Sia, the song is powerful, both lyrically and musically, mirroring the title track of 'Stronger'.

'Take You High' is Clarkson's most experimental song ever, with synthy beats and a broken electronic sound that may divide fans, but is undeniably catchy.

Other noticeable tracks include 'Run Run Run ft John Legend' which is a strong ballad, whilst 'War Paint' and 'Nostalgic' are addictively catchy tracks that fit well. 

Deluxe Edition tracks 'Into the Blue' and 'Second Wind' are a highlight and perhaps should have made it onto the main track list.

Unfortunately, Clarkson's writing responsibilities has been gradually reduced from album to album, and I'd love to see an album where she writes/co-writes most of her tracks. Regardless, many of the songs fit with her brand and could very much be a 'Clarkson' song.

~~~OVERALL 8/10~~~
'Piece by Piece' is another strong offering from Kelly Clarkson, who consistently releases upbeat pop for the past twelve years. There are a few experimental tracks in here, but mostly another blast of catchy songs that will satisfy Clarkson fans until her next release.

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